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Smallville 7.05 - Action

So after three crazy days at work, I finally have a moment to post my thoughts on last Thursday's episode.

This episode has stayed in my head like no other this season. It made me think about Smallville and what the future holds for the show, it made me ponder the characters and how the actors portray them, and it inspired conspiracy theories in my head about what AlMiles were trying to say to fans with this episode. And while I enjoyed it for a number of reasons, it made me worry.

First, Clark love! That Superman save at the top of the show was the bomb! I thought the special effects were very well done, the rescue moment was beautifully framed, and the sequence had great visual impact. I especially liked the part where the car door hits Clark in the back. Tom registered the impact, but was unshaken by it. Perfect Superman moment! I also liked the way Clark was alert to the impending danger and took charge of the situation with no hesitation. Clark being heroic is the best! *swoons*

Clark being uncomfortable, on the other hand, is adorable! First, being all shy and out of his element on the movie set at the Talon, and then his usual panic when confronted with boobies while rehearsing with Rachel in the barn. hee!

I thought Clark showed strong leadership in how he proceeded to protect Rachel and solve the mystery of who was trying to hurt her. I liked the take-charge Clark who moved Rachel to the farm and guarded her during filming. I liked the mature Clark who went to see Lex, setting aside their differences in order to help someone. And I especially liked the thinky Clark who brainstormed with Chloe to catch the bad guy.

Speaking of Chloe, she looked amazing in this episode! I loved both the vibrant green top and the little black dress, and Allison looked beautiful in them. Plus her hair was awesome, and she positively glowed! I think there have been times in the past that hair and makeup on this show have been less than kind to Chloe, but this time they really did her justice. One thing I noticed is that Chloe always had green on. First her top, and then all green accessories with the black dress. Was this some kind of symbolic reminder of her meteor freak status? Some insidious way of informing us that she's poison to Clark and can't be with him? Did I mention the conspiracy theories? :)

I also liked that they showed continuity with the Chimmy breakup. I felt like Chloe's overt cheerfulness, coupled with a few telling remarks about what she was really going through, fit with her character. I also thought Chloe's enthusiastic fangirl moments on the movie set were cute and believable. I'm glad she continues to be an essential part of Clark's life as a superhero, creating a backstory for Kara, and being his crime-solving sidekick.

Lex was wonderful in this episode. Michael really seems to have stepped up now that he's free from the whole Lexana storyline. His characterization is consistent and sympathetic. I totally believe him as someone who thinks he's saving the world from an alien threat, and yet is too damaged inside to see the inappropriateness of some of his actions. The frustration of Clark always hiding the truth from him, coupled with his father always believing the worst of him, is leading him down the path to his own self destruction. I especially loved the scene with Lois. He was subtly menacing, yet perfectly controlled, and pretty sexy as well. Very nicely done.

Lionel is finally back! God, John Glover, how I have missed you! Magnificent Bastard, indeed! What a gifted actor this man is. The part where he bludgeoned Misery Marilyn to death? Chilling. And that scene with Lana? Best loft scene ever! How long have we waited for someone to say those things to her? Why oh why can't Clark see Lana the way Lionel does, the way she really is? Grrr. More on that in a minute.

I don't have much to say about Lois and Grant. I do think Grant is cute, and kind of comical with his big voice and bluster, but I can't really take him seriously. Everything in this episode pointed to him being a Lex minion, right? They do give Lois the absolute worst lines sometimes. "Wow, I am really good at this!" *groan*

I thought Christina Milan did a good job as guest star. Her performance seemed natural, and she was adorable. How teeny did she look in that last scene with Tom Welling? He could put her in his pocket! :)

Okay, I can't put it off any longer. Time for my weekly WTF is up with Lana rant. Seriously, I cannot figure out what her deal is supposed to be. We have schmoopy lover girl, with gag inducing lines. Two in particular are burned into my brain, probably because they both made me scream at my television. :P We have saintly martyr girl, who hints at giving Clark up because the world needs him more. OMG if that happens I am gonna have to choke a bitch! Clark cannot become Superman only because Lana sets him free! Or if Lana dies. Clark has to choose to follow his destiny! Also, Lois (or Chlois, in my fantasy) is his iconic one true love. Lana is the high school infatuation! He has to leave her behind by choice, or it's a slap in the face to everything he shares with Lois in the future. Grrr! Show, sometimes you make me crazy! *deep calming breath* Anyway, then we have crazy psycho girl, who is genuinely scary and kind of fun, but impossible to reconcile with the person Clark could love above all others. And yet, I just know he's going to find out everything she's done and will still love her, probably because somehow it will be all Lex's fault. *bangs head against wall* The longing looks Clark and Lana shared during the show made me want to throw up, but at least there weren't any sloppy Clana kisses.

Why does Clark love Lana, anyway? I understood his infatuation with the pretty girl next door when he was 15, but how can he possibly be in love with her now, after everything she's done, after the horrible way she's treated him over the years? I just don't think the show has ever provided a plausible explanation for a relationship that seems to drive every decision the writers make. Is it pandering to one fan faction? Is it a vehicle to stall and extend Clark's journey in the hopes of prolonging the series? Is it AlMiles' unhealthy obsession with KK? Or all of the above? *sigh*

So, on to the conspiracy theories! :) What were they trying to tell us in this episode that featured an overzealous internet fan? That the internet fandom is ridiculous and even dangerous? On the show, the PA who didn't want the movie to deviate from the comic books (specifically about the hero's girlfriend), was a murderous lunatic who ended up in Belle Reve. Does that mean we're crazy if we think they can't change the Superman story to make Lana Clark's one true love? I have a bad feeling about this.

Then, Lex says to Clark, "In the comic book world, when you're destined to save mankind, you're destined to be alone." Does that mean, yes, Clark has to pursue his destiny alone? Or does that mean, we're a television show, not a comic book, so we can do whatever we want? And what about the rest of that scene between Clark and Lex? Clearly, Lex identifies with Devilicous now, not Warrior Angel. Was his recounting of how Warrior Angel's girlfriend dies foreshadowing a moment where Lex shoots and kills Lana? As satisfying as that moment would be, that cannot be Superman's defining moment as it was Warrior Angel's. OMG no, no, no!

Finally, I have to ask why there weren't any Clana kisses. As thankful as I am for that, why would they purposely be avoiding them? I also think it's clear that Clark and Lana are not being intimate, although they appear to be sharing a bedroom? Whatever. I'm kind of afraid this means Lana isn't really Lana, like she's Braniac or something, because kissing would turn out to be creepy later. OTOH, only Lana would have a revenge fantasy against Lionel and Lex, so again, WTF? Okay, ranting ends now. My head is beginning to hurt.

Random thoughts: Where did Lana find a crazy pot farmer to carry out her evil deeds? Was that a new shot of the Luthorcorp building at night? It looked very cool, as did the Daily Planet building. Clark flying was awesome. It was too flying! *stomps foot* :) I liked Chloe's crack about organic farming. hee! I like the blue T-shirt sans THRJ. Yum. And Christ, Clark, just give up on that damn tractor! Unless, of course, that's how you're dealing with your sexual frustration. :)

To find my happy again, let's revisit the good things about this episode. Clark was heroic. Chloe was gorgeous. Lex was menacing. Lionel is in the house (and the barn)! And I loved the final scene. Clark, alone, with the cape, pondering heroes, I imagine. Yes, he left it on the fence and walked away from his destiny, but only because his journey is not yet complete. Besides, who could resist the beauty of the closing shot that created? And then the heroic music over the end credits. Lovely.

I'm still with you, show, but you're kind of killing me.
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