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Smallville 8.06 - Prey - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville 8.06 - Prey
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jeannev From: jeannev Date: October 29th, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great read, as always.

I think you found more to enjoy in this episode then me. I think I would've taken more enjoyment out of Clark's heroics if the show hadn't played it so dark, and angry, and angsty. I don't know why this show always seems to drift back to this point that Clark being Superman is going to be a job, a responsibility, a duty, an obligation...but almost never a joy. Why will they not allow Clark to take satisfaction and peace from the good he does? It makes me so frustrated.

And of course, you hit upon my particular peeves with the episode. The crap that flew out of Chloe's mouth, that she never apologized for. And the total retcon reversal of Clark not realizing that meteor freaks are people too! Clark has been the one character thats been closest to getting that this whole time, and now I feel like thats being stripped away from him, and bestowed upon Chloe in her new "Mother Teresa" role. And you are absolutely right, Souders/Peterson are notorious for this.

I think SW is doing a great job, but I'm just not sure I'm up for another woobie villian journey. I keep asking myself why I'm supposed to give a crap about a vicious killer? Also, he may not be cognizant of what he's done, but clearly he knows something is very wrong. If he's really on the up-and-up, and is a decent guy, why is he not taking himself off the streets, and seeking some professional help? And no, I don't really think Chloe qualifies, no matter what this episode is trying to tell me.

Oh, and BTW, yes, he definitely does come across as a big puss with the whole tears thing. And no, paramedics are NEVER alone in their rigs. Ever. How would you attend to a critical patient, and drive the rig to the hospital, if there aren't 2 of you? That was just dumb.

To me, this was the weakest of the season. I loved Clark being heroic, and J'onn/PM rocks my world. But this was the first episode of the season that gave me that tension headache between my eyes...you know the one I mean ;) And I was so hoping that might've left the building with AlMiles. Alas...

Edited at 2008-10-29 09:29 pm (UTC)
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: October 31st, 2008 12:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I honestly didn't see it as all that dark, or indicative of how Clark's life will be in the future. I saw it more as a time of transition, a time when Clark is shifting gears and adjusting to this new role he has chosen for himself. And I didn't mind that the road was a little bumpy. I liked seeing Clark start to come to terms with the conflict between all he wants to do and what he actually can do, and to figure out exactly what lines he's willing to cross to protect the innocent.

The difference for me was all in Tom's performance. Clark expressed disappointment in what he saw as his failures, but without dwelling on it, or sounding mopey in any way. And he had that air of command that's been so evident this season, giving me faith that any roadblocks were temporary. I know I'm not explaining it well, but I just had confidence that he would find his way to the right path in time.

The whole retcon about Clark's and Chloe's respective attitudes toward meteor freaks was just outrageous. I hope it was just to make a point in this particular episode, and will be forgotten in the future like so many other things we've seen on this show, both good and bad.

I know what you mean about Davis. I find myself holding the character at arm's length; I'm reluctant to allow myself to feel much of anything for him, only to have him turn completely evil later. If they go where some people think they will, and have him somehow kill Clark, I'm fully prepared to hate him. And you make a good point about his actions being questionable.

I also know what you mean about that headache. *sighs* Some of my feelings during this episode took me straight back to S7, and it wasn't a pleasant trip.
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