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Supernatural 3.03 - Bad Day At Black Rock

Oh, yeah, that's more like it, show! Ben Edlund and Robert Singer, you make a great team!

Now don't get me wrong, I liked the first two episodes of the season, but I loved this one! The brothers are together, Bobby's in the house, I like the new chick, and it was beyond funny! Don't you just adore this show?

The Dean I love - part snarky, part serious, and 100% gorgeous - was back in full force. This episode showed how he remains much more comfortable in the world of the supernatural than Sam is. It's like hunting is Dean's religion. He has faith in its tenets, and operates with full confidence within that belief system, ever ready to make the rules work in his favor. So when he realizes the full power of the rabbit's foot, he never hesitates. Once Sam has touched it, Dean makes the best of a bad thing, embraces all the good luck to be had, and works the magic to his own full advantage. After Bela steals it away from Sam, Dean switches into rescue mode, and does whatever is necessary, regardless of the risk, to have the foot back under his control. Only by mastering it can he destroy it. And everything comes with an extra dash of devil-may-care, because Dean has less than a year to live!

Sam, on the other hand, is all about considering the consequences and thinking about the future. He worries, and whines, and is pretty much just a big puppy all through the episode! LOL! I think I've seen the "I lost my shoe" clip at least a dozen times, and I still burst out laughing every time. After watching all the funny bits in this episode, I think Jared Padalecki is some kind of comic genius! I actually enjoyed the comedy in this episode more than in Tall Tales, because it was so organic to the story, and it totally fit within the parameters of the supernatural world that Kripke & Co. have created. I especially liked how Kubrick, the crazy Jesus guy, provided some of the laughs (one of his bumper stickers said, "How Would Jesus Drive?"), but at the same time was completely horrific in his conviction that Sam must die. That guy and Gordon totally freak me out!

How wonderful was it to have all that brother time this week? Those first two episodes sure made me appreciate that - every moment our boys shared the screen seemed like a gift! Nothing is better than Jensen and Jared being Dean and Sam, together, pure and simple. "She knows what your weakness is, it's me." Oh, I love my boys!

The storage locker was a little heartbreaking. How many more secrets that their father kept from them are they destined to discover? But how cute was it when the boys found the mementos of their childhoods, and Dean was every bit as wistful over his sawed-off shotgun as Sam was over his soccer trophy? hee!

All the physical comedy during the good luck/bad luck sequences was a joy to watch. I could not stop laughing! :) I especially loved the scene where Dean came to Sam's rescue. He put his gun down with complete confidence, and then proceeded to take out the two bad guys with nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a television remote! Yes, Dean, you are Batman. Or maybe MacGyver. :)

I liked Bela, in the sense that I liked what her character brought to the show, and I hated Bela, in the sense that she shot Sammy!! The scene between Bela and Dean in her apartment was a delight. Dean was so smooth, yet they seemed very evenly matched as adversaries, and they had great chemistry together. And the final showdown in the cemetery was just perfect. [Did everyone catch how Jared broke character and totally cracked up when Dean yelled "sonofabitch" at the end?] I look forward to seeing Bela again.

I know I say this every week, but Jared continues to blow me away. I think what's happening is that for the past two years I have seen Jensen as the superior actor, mostly due to his wealth of experience compared to Jared. But now I'm realizing that Jared has really come into his own, and we have these two absolutely amazing actors, together on our show, making it awesome. How cool is that?

Also, on a completely shallow note, Jensen always has been and always will be a stunningly beautiful man, and yet I'm finding Jared to be awfully compelling all of a sudden. That adorable face, that ginormous body, that massive chest straining his shirt buttons - even his hair looks good this season! And wrapping him up in duct tape did nothing to drag me from my shallow place! :)

Whatever happens next, I'm up for it. Rock on, show!
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