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Tom Top Ten: Kiss

I'm back with another edition of my Tom Top Ten! This is the fifth in a series of mini (just 10 pics each) picspams in celebration of Tom Welling, highlighting the wonderful performances he gives us, episode after episode. I call this one Kiss.

1) 1.15 - Nicodemus. Clark receives his first kiss from Lana while she is under the influence of the Nicodemus flower. He realizes Lana is not herself, but allows himself one brief moment of unadulterated passion before he pulls away. Tom perfectly portrays the shy excitement of an inexperienced teenager who is suddenly in over his head.

2) 2.04 - Red. Under the influence of Red!K, Clark finds the courage to ask Lana out, sealing the deal with a kiss. Tom shows us a confident, sexually aggressive Clark who gives Lana the hottest kiss we've ever seen! *thud* We will never forget it.

3) 2.22 - Calling. Lana visits Clark in his loft at midnight with a cake to celebrate his birthday. Clark shyly tells her she is all he's ever wished for, and gives her a sweet, romantic kiss. Tom beautifully captures that special moment in a young man's life when he first takes a chance and declares his love for another.

4) 3.07 - Magnetic. As Chloe and Clark rifle through patient files at the Smallville Medical Center, a doctor suddenly enters the file room. To cover up what they're really doing, Chloe grabs Clark, throws him up against the files, and plants one on him. Tom hilariously portrays Clark's shock and surprise, not only at Chloe's sudden move, but also, evidently, at the heady power of her kiss.

5) 3.14 - Obsession. This one is actually an almost kiss, as Clark chickens out at the last second while saying goodnight to Alicia. I love how Tom portrays Clark's delight at being with someone who knows his secret and still likes him, but also his shyness and relative inexperience with dating. It's an awkward moment, but also adorable, that makes us fall in love with Clark all over again.

6) 5.03 - Hidden. Jor-El has taken away Clark's powers, which doesn't seem like such a bad thing. He can finally live the normal life for which he has always longed, including having an intimate relationship with Lana. Tom shows us a happy, carefree Clark who gives Lana a playful kiss as they prepare to sneak out of the house before Clark's parents discover Lana in his bed.

7) 5.20 - Fade. At a fancy party in Metropolis, Clark is approached by a beautiful woman who proceeds to kiss him. Taken aback, Clark is nonetheless delighted, until he realizes his host has paid her to keep him company. Tom reminds us that Clark is still young and naive, perfectly portraying his confusion and dismay as he extricates himself from an awkward situation.

8) 5.22 - Vessel. The world in chaos around them, Clark and Chloe say goodbye as Clark goes off to save the world. Suddenly Chloe grabs Clark and kisses him, afraid she will never see him again. Clark returns the kiss, holding Chloe in a fierce embrace. Tom shows us that even our Superman needs the warmth of human affection to give him the strength to go on.

9) 6.10 - Hydro. To help Oliver out, Clark dons his Green Arrow costume to mislead Lois. When Lois grabs him and kisses him, thinking he is Ollie, Clark is completely taken by surprise. Tom's truly notable performance, however, is after the kiss, when he rips off the Green Arrow hood, and we see the unmistakable shock and wonder on his face. That was no ordinary kiss!

10) 6.13 - Crimson. Under the influence of Red!K once more, Clark is aggressive and unguarded with Lois, who is also infected. Tom shows us just how sexy and masculine Clark can be. Rowr!

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, oxoniensis, and Screencap Paradise, with my thanks!

And there you have my choices for Tom's Top Ten performances where his acting made a simple kiss meaningful and memorable. Do you have a different Kiss favorite? If so, tell us about it in the comments. And look for another Tom Top Ten picspam soon!

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