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I worship at the television altar
Supernatural 4.01 - Lazarus Rising
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tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: September 22nd, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, I'm honored you took the time to read my review with your busy schedule! Thanks for reading, and commenting!

I don't think I knew how much I missed the boys until I saw this episode. All summer long I've been enjoying your beautiful caps, and everyone's art, and even rewatching episodes from all three seasons, but nothing compares to watching a new adventure unfold before your eyes, where you don't know what is going to happen next. I had forgotten how these boys touch my heart, and how much I care what happens to them.

The other thing this episode reaffirmed for me, which actually took me by surprise, is how intensely loyal I am to Dean. Jared's acting knocked my socks off in S3, and I started to think that maybe I was going bi-bro, but after this episode there is no comparison again. Dean is my boy. See? It is a brother vs. brother thing! I'm already choosing sides! :)

Whatever happens, I know it will be good. I've learned to trust Kripke and Company.
29 comments or Leave a comment