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Smallville DVD Commentary: Persona

There are two commentaries on the Smallville S7 DVDs, one on Persona and one on Siren. I have transcribed my favorite excerpts from the Persona one here. They include comments about Tom, Michael, and Allison. You should listen to the commentary in its entirety if you can; it also includes lots of love for James Marsters and Marc McClure, and some great BTS stories.

This commentary is by John Glover (JG), Ken Horton (KH), and Todd Slavkin (TS).

* * *

Opening scene with Bizarro and Lana in bed, continuing through the opening credits:

TS: And Tom as Bizarro, it's different. It's such a subtle difference in his performance. I was very impressed, the way that he differentiated between Clark Kent and Bizarro. He's in full Bizarro mode, as you can see.

JG: He's also good on red kryptonite, too, yeah. It frees him! It's amazing what a little red kryptonite'll do every now and then.

KH: I have daughters who are old enough to go, hey, Dad, when's he gonna be on red kryptonite again? One of them looked at him one time and went, yum, yum. [laughter]

JG: Oh, I've not seen these credits before, they're wonderful!

TS: I also remember Tom playing Lionel Luthor, in S4.

JG: He was great in that.

TS: He was great.

JG: I had a lot of trouble playing him. I'm telling you, I wanted to complicate everything. It was very difficult for me to be simple.

KH: That's true. I forgot about that. And that came out wonderful, and it is the simplicity, that Clark is so centered and so quiet, you know. He has quiet body language. Tom is smart enough here that the audience would know right away but not the characters, might not know. The other characters he's playing with would not know. It wasn't so big or so different that you go- [interrupted by TS]

* * *

Scene between Bizarro and Brainiac in Suicide Slums:

TS: This shot, both of these actors, this was a long oner, and Tom just wanted to keep doing this, over and over. They were having a really good time, it was the end of the day, or the end of the night, I should say, just, I think we shot this six times. Mainly, I thought we got it early on, but Tom was really enjoying working with James Marsters, in as theatrical as it gets theater wise, where you weren't doing any cuts, and we were just letting them go, the whole time.

* * *

Scene between Bizarro and Chloe in the DP:

TS: So this was another long oner we do, which Tom, I find, really thrived on. Where we can let him kind of loosen up, and on this walk, this was his idea to mock Allison, which I love every time I see it. [laughter] It was a chance I think for him, as Bizarro, he could really have fun. [watches scene] You can see his patience level is becoming shorter and shorter with Chloe here.

KH: Again, it's subtle enough, so it could be just Clark on a bad day. It's very interesting how it actually unfolds.

TS: Allison Mack, unbelievable actress to work with. So immensely directable, and each take she would give us a little something different, and just such a pleasure as a person as well.

KH: Absolutely.

* * *

Scene between Lex and Lionel:

TS: John, talk about working with Rosenbaum.

JG: [laughing heartily] Where do I begin?

TS: Because you probably had more scenes with him than any-

JG: Anybody, sure, sure. It's [long pause] heaven, and hell at the same time. [laughter] He's just a madman, but the most wonderful kind. Um, so-

TS: It's so different.

JG: It's about play.

TS: And what's incredible with Michael is, and you would never know watching the shows, but he's such a clown, once you yell cut.

JG: And a mimic, like you wouldn't believe! Yeah, he can do everybody.

KH: What I find interesting is how hard he works for the other actor. How he will change his performance, at a time where you feel like the other actor should be startled or something, he's giving you this, this, this, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, comes this yelling version of it, or this highly profane version of it, and it does get sort of a different eye reaction from the other actor. I thought it was interesting.

JG: Yep. [watches the scene] Oh, aren't we intense together?

TS: That's great. This is classic John Glover. [JG laughs]

KH: Michael probably started this scene by saying, listen, I gotta be, I gotta plane, I've gotta gym appointment, I've gotta chiropractor, I've gotta be out of here by, I only have an hour and a half in here, so, can you shoot me out, is that possible, can you do that? [laughter]

* * *

Scene in the kitchen at the Kent Farm, between Chloe, Lana, and Bizarro.

TS: The character of Chloe could come off as bitchy here, but she's so gentle, and soulful, that it just comes off as a caring friend. And then she switches to hurt here, so beautifully.

KH: She's found a way to be in love with two different men on our show, and both of them in an honest way. She has a different plane to her relationship with Clark, than she does with Jimmy, and she's legitimate in both sides. A very difficult thing for an actress to do, I think, and she does pull it off.

TS: And this again, Tom as Bizarro is great here, because he is so subtle, but there, you can just see the differences. [watches scene] Biggest liar in the world.

* * *

Scene between Clark and Lana at the Kent Farm:

TS: This was the first scene I shot of the shoot... I'll never forget, I was drinking coffee, and the first time I went up to Tom to give direction, he said, dude, you need a piece of gum. [laughter] And that kind of set the tone for the rest of the shoot. Tom was fantastic to me, but that was, that, I don't think I've ever chewed more gum in my life, than the three weeks I was up there. It was great.

* * *

Scene between Clark and Chloe at the DP:

TS: Tom's great here as Clark, this is really the difference between Clark and Bizarro.

KH: This was one scene where I tried to get Todd to shoot this differently, Todd stuck to his guns, and he was absolutely correct. I wanted Chloe to recognize Clark, without that, but what it did is, it gave us a magic moment, and this show is about magic moments.

* * *

Scene between Clark, Bizarro, and Lana at Oliver's penthouse:

TS: Tom really embraced the love of Lana here, as Bizarro, and he plays it different than how Clark loves her, because you can see it's kind of, it's much more pure. Bizarro doesn't have the complications that Clark has, with the secret and identity, and it's-

KH: -what made the story interesting, because there's a whole appeal to Bizarro for Lana.

At the end of the scene, as Bizarro explodes:

JG: Well...

TS: Goodbye, Bizarro.

JG: We know she was a little in love with what Bizarro could give her. [laughter]

TS: Something that Clark could not.

JG: [wicked, knowing laughter]

* * *

Scene with Lex in the rain:

TS: This is freezing. Michael, this was like 28 degrees, and what a trooper! And he wanted to wear his jacket, we convinced him not to, and he ran into this tent, I gave him a big hug, soaking wet, I was proud and moved that he sacrificed himself like that, it was great.

* * *

Final scene, in Clark's bedroom:

TS: This is the bed that Bizarro and Lana [pause] "shared" intimately.

JG: [more wicked, knowing laughter]

TS: It will never be the same after this, Clark and Lana, I think.

KH: No, that was the intent going in, is to do something that, just not another breakup, that somehow, for both of them. It was an accident, but-

* * *

Screen caps courtesy of SVFan, with my thanks!

So, there you have it. Lots of love for Tom, some great comments about Michael, and, I think, confirmation that Clark and Lana were not intimate (except for the super-sex in Wrath), even though they were sharing a bed. Interesting.

Justin Hartley is delightful on the Siren commentary, but I couldn't bring myself to transcribe any of it because a lot of stuff the other people say drove me crazy. But I still recommend it; it's definitely worth a listen.

ETA: jeannev has posted a great review of the Siren commentary, with tons of quotes. You can read it HERE.
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