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Let's talk about Clex, baby.

Michael Rosenbaum appeared at the SFX Con in Toronto this past weekend, and I've spent the past two days reveling in tasabian's stories, pics, and vids of the event. It's been a little slice of MR heaven! But amid all the laughter and the squee, I was reminded anew of how much I will miss Michael when Smallville returns for S8. :( And that got me thinking about Clex.

I don't think anyone can deny the HoYay! that exists on Smallville between Clark and Lex. Nothing that inspires that many fanfics, vids, and photo manips can be imaginary. For many, it has been the thing they liked best about the show. For some, it has been the only thing they liked about the show. So, Smallville fans, ponder with me, and answer these Clexy questions for me:

1) When did you first notice the slashy vibe between Clark and Lex?

What was the first moment that made you say, "Wait a minute. Did I just see what I think I saw?" Was it in the Pilot, when the boys exchanged smoldering glances in the mansion?

Was it in Metamorphosis, when they eyed each other over the apple boxes?

Or was it in Craving, when Lex came to visit the Torch, and gave Clark a look that should have melted our television screens?

2) What is your favorite Clex moment of all time?

Is it the shared look in Metamorphosis that by all rights should have ended in a kiss?

Is it the glorious Clex hug in Phoenix?

Or is it the moment in Bizarro when Bizzy said to Clark, "I have all your memories, all your thoughts, every last twisted one of them," even though Lex was nowhere near that conversation? :)

3) Where do you think Clex came from in the first place?

Was it always part of the story that AlMiles envisioned, and the writers and actors were all just playing along? Did Michael and Tom dream it up together, and then play it to the hilt for our enjoyment and their amusement? Was it just the natural reflection of the instant camaraderie that was born between the boys the moment they met? Or was it all Michael, genius that he is, and Tom responded to the acting cues Michael's inspired performance gave him? What's your theory?

I'll start things off by giving you my answers, okay?

1) Believe it or not, I was completely oblivious at first. I came to Smallville late. I bought the S1 DVDs during the summer after S4, and then proceeded to watch all four seasons over about three weeks. To say I was instantly obsessed would be an understatement. I watched all of S5 avidly, but in isolation. Finally, that next summer, I turned to the internet to find out more about the show, and quickly found the episode reviews on TWoP. Omar kept talking about how gay the boys were, and my initial reaction was a resounding "Huh?" Write it off to my innate cluelessness, and my extremely sheltered upbringing. Then I saw talitha78's vid "Don't Cha," and the scales fell from my eyes. :)

I went back and watched all five seasons with a brand new perspective, and it was amazing! LOL!

2) For pure Clexy hotness, I would have to go with two scenes from Red. First, Clark shows up at the mansion, hopped up on Red!K and free of his normal farmboy inhibitions, and asks to borrow the Ferrari. The looks the boys give each other are pure sex:

Then, the next day, Clark comes back, and tells Lex he's leaving Smallville. Lex proposes that they run off to Metropolis together, and Clark agrees. "Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. I like the sound of that."

But my absolute favorite Clex moment has nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with love and loyalty. It happens in Shattered, when Lex is hiding out at the Kent farm, and Clark's parents clearly think he's delusional. Lex sets out to prove he's not crazy, and he says to Clark as he goes, "You're either with me or against me Clark. Choose right now." In that moment, Clark chooses Lex. And as the boys leave together, my heart swells. I love them both so much in that instant! *sniffles*

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, SVFan, and I even made one myself!

3) I honestly think Clex is all because of Michael, for which we, of course, owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. I think he had a vision for this character, he went with it, and he took Tom along for the ride. As time went on, I think the boys perfected the Clex interaction, and the writers, seeing how the fans responded, played along, although only in very oblique ways. And it worked because of the natural chemistry between Michael and Tom, which I know will never be duplicated on this show. I'm so thankful to have experienced it, and so sad to think I'll never see it again.

So those are my answers, what are yours? I hope you'll join me in remembering the Clexy goodness of Smallville past! I'm really going to miss it. *cries* Thank you, Michael and Tom, for all those wonderful moments you gave us. *smishes them* And thank goodness for the Smallville DVDs, which allow us to relive it, now and forever, whenever we want.
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