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Heroes 2.04 - The Kindness of Strangers

Okay, this is the Heroes from last season! The one that blows me away with every episode, that has those jaw-dropping moments other shows only dream about. Welcome back!

When I watch Heroes, I'm not one of those people who notices every little clue and detail, much less put them all together and predict what's going to happen next. I just take it all in, and hang on for the ride. Tonight was quite a ride! Coherent thought afterward? Not so much.

What made me happiest? Nathan shaved! Yay! Nathan, in the show, to his sons: "Want me to shave it?" Me, at home: "YES! NOW! PLEASE!" LOL! I love that gorgeous, chiseled, Pasdar jaw!

Best part of the episode? Sylar!! He is sooo EVOL!! Seriously, Sylar keeps doing that thing where he momentarily makes you think he's turning good, and then his eyes turn towards the camera, and boom, you see it there, deep in his soul, and you're afraid, and you want to look away. But again, with the hotness, so you don't. Zachary Quinto pwns me! Especially when he wears a black tank top! :) That one shot, where he looks up over the steering wheel, straight at you? *shivers*

Claire is making me crazy! Stop being a dumb teenager, Claire! OTOH, I remember lying to my parents in high school, and how easy it was, you just had to tell them what they expected to hear. LOL! *is bad* In any case, West still creeps me out, and nothing he is doing is ringing completely true to me. Claire needs to remember everything her father has done to protect her, and listen to him!

There were lots of trios tonight. Matt, Mohinder, and Molly. Matt, Nathan, and Mama Petrelli. Sylar, Maya, and Alejandro. HRG, Claire, and West. Micah, Monica, and Nana (yeah, I'm ignoring Dawson for now). Whatever that means.

OMG moments? Sylar's in the road! Where the hell did he come from? He's still EVOL!! Parkman's father?! Does Micah have power over more than just machines? Matt's wife's baby wasn't his (did we already know that?)! Sylar is the brand of Gabriel's watch (did we already know that?)! That face in the mirror! Black tank top! EVOL stare! Molly!!!

Same time next week? I'll be there!
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