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Interview with Darren Swimmer

Darren Swimmer gave an interview HERE about Smallville's S8. It's spoilery, so don't click if you don't want to know! A few things in particular caught my eye.

Newsarama: On the other hand, season eight brings back Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow). It’s been reported we’ll get more of Oliver’s history – how will that focus fold into the storyline of season eight?

Darren Swimmer: As fans of the comics know, Oliver Queen had some rough times in his earlier life. This season we’ll get a glimpse of how some of those experiences are coming back to haunt him.

NRAMA: With Tom Welling working on other projects too will Oliver serve as a character that can fill the times when Clark won’t be available or will they work in tandem mostly?

DS: As far as Tom’s schedule is concerned, Tom will appear in all 22 episodes. We do plan on having Clark and Oliver team up more this year than we’ve seen in past seasons.

Me: Buh? Tom is working on other projects? Since when?

NRAMA: With Michael are you pacing yourself on calling on him to reappear for the true end of the series?

DS: It’s too early to presume that season eight will be the last, so it would be premature to make any kind of a call.

Me: WHAT?!! Are you kidding me?! S8 is the last. There is no way in hell TW is signing up for another season, even if a) the CW keeps its head above water and b) wants to renew Smallville for an inconceivable NINTH season. What is DS smoking?

The worst part is, if they don't acknowledge that this is the final season, doesn't that mean just more of the same stalling for Clark? *headdesk* Show, sometimes you just kill me.

And good luck with "calling on" Michael. They make it sound like he's just waiting in the wings, ready to jump on set for one last appearance, whenever it's needed the most. I know it's the interviewer saying that, not DS, but it annoys me all the same.

NRAMA: Let’s shift then to the new season Big Bad – Davis “Doomsday” Bloome played by Sam Witwer. He’s such an important villain in the comics (Superman’s killer) but was he an easy choice to bring into Smallville?

DS: Part of what excited the four of us to bring Doomsday into the show was the fact that he has no previously established Earthly alter ego in the comics. Davis Bloome will be very different from the Doomsday we’ve seen in the comics. Especially at first. We thought it would be interesting to see the human side of a character that had very little humanity in the comics. Sam Witwer is tremendously talented, and we’re all really thrilled to begin working with him.

NRAMA: How’s he going to mess up Clark’s life this year?

DS: Doomsday did kill Superman in the comics, so Clark better be on his toes.

Me: So they're really going to go there. I'm so afraid we're going to see Clark die and Chloe save him with her meteor power, only to die in the process herself, presumably at the end of the season/series. I hope I'm wrong, but I can just see it.

NRAMA: So in parting what’s got you most excited about season eight?

DS: Having some great new cast members in Cassidy Freeman and Sam Witwer, as well as having the opportunity of working with Oliver Queen and Green Arrow more frequently, is exciting. But probably what’s most exciting is moving Clark one step towards fully embracing his identity as a superhero. Being in Metropolis a lot more will keep things fresh, and having Lois and Clark shoulder to shoulder at the Planet will no doubt lead to some interesting new dynamics.

Me: Okay, I'm ecstatic that he said the most exciting thing is moving Clark closer to his destiny!! How that plays out is a different matter altogether. *is jaded* But I'm determined to remain hopeful!

So, my fellow Clark lovers (or anyone else who has an opinion), what did you think of this interview?
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