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Chuck 1.04 - Chuck Versus the Wookie

I missed Chuck last night, and watched it on nbc.com tonight, so just pretend you're reading this yesterday, okay? Thanks!

Tonight on Chuck we were treated to quite the array of colored T-shirts, but the original red one, which appeared again in the first scene, remains my favorite. The color is lovely, and (shallow alert!) I think it's just a bit tighter than the others. Chuck may not have the yowza! factor, but he is definitely nerdalicious! :)

Tonight's episode was interesting. The focus was centered more on the mission and less on the Herd, which made for a nice change of pace, I thought. The opening scene was fun - when it works, playing board games with your friends is fabulous - and full of small comic moments. Did you see Chuck's face when he heard that Peaches didn't run away after all? Awww, sweetie! That was cute, but when Ellie reassures him and he instantly buys it, that was hilarious! This is why I love this show.

Morgan really got a chance to shine tonight. He is such a goof! I loved his line about Bryce being Boba Fett to Chuck's Han Solo. Geek squee! And yes, I have the "Han shot first" T-shirt. :) I like how Morgan believes in his own potential, impervious to his friends' ridicule or any empirical evidence to the contrary. And he did very well on Chuck's sex questions! hee!

I like how Chuck is becoming more comfortable in the spy circle. How cute was he when he walked in on the debriefing, with the interrupting and the questions and forgetting to be intimidated? *smishes Chuck* I think his prowess on the missions is progressing naturally, and I like how he's gaining skills and reaching inside himself more and more, and yet still managing to remain completely freaked out. Did you see how big his eyes got when Karina started taking her clothes off? LOL!

Zachary Levi continues to surprise me with the depth he brings to this somewhat lightweight character. His Chuck lost a little of his innocence tonight when he realized that Sarah lies even to him (that last scene was heartbreaking), and yet he shows no sign of becoming jaded or cynical. He manages to show disillusionment, vulnerability, courage, and determination all at once. And he's such a nice guy, you can't help but adore him. He rented a penguin documentary, and shushed Morgan when he talked in the middle! BWAH! And, awww.

Other random thoughts: Casey was awesome tonight, as always. I especially liked when he told the bodyguard to "read a paper... from the sixties." LOL! Adam Baldwin is a gem. There seemed to be even more cool aerial shots of L.A. than usual in this one. And the music again was perfect - there had better be a soundtrack in the works!

I continue to heart this show, and I continue to be baffled by people who don't! :)
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