tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Oliver Queen Picspam

Because I adore Justin Hartley, I decided to do a picspam of Smallville's Oliver Queen. You gotta love a boy who takes his shirt off as much as Ollie does, especially when he has such a magnificent chest! I still say his hair looks like he combs it with an egg beater, but somehow on him it works. :) Come on in and enjoy the pretty, and share the JH love!

ETA: Be forewarned, there are spoilers for S8 in the comments.

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell and SVFan, with my thanks.

BONUS! A promo pic from Aquaman, and some screen caps from the Pilot:

Aquaman screen caps courtesy of chaotic4life, with my thanks.
Tags: justin hartley, picspam, smallville
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