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Smallville 7.03 - Fierce

Tonight's episode was quite the mixed bag. Some parts I really enjoyed, and some parts made me want to bang my head against the wall. :) However, if you just snip out all the parts with Lana, you're left with a cute and classic FoTW episode that worked for me.

I like Kara better and better each week. Her character has definitely brought a new dynamic to the show, and she's shaking things up in a very positive way. I like her spirit and impulsiveness, and her Kryptonian arrogance. Her presence puts Clark in a completely different role, and I love how Tom Welling is portraying that! Clark is more of an adult, he's gaining perspective and wisdom, and I think watching Kara adjust to life on Earth is giving him greater insights into his own place on our planet.

I adored all the Clark/Kara scenes tonight. Their banter was cute, and their dialogue seemed much more natural than what I'm used to on Smallville. Their conversations actually reminded me of Clark and Lex in the first couple of seasons, when their relationship was infused with the easy affection that true friends have for one another. Clark was a lot more emotional than usual, too, and I liked it, a lot! Great performance by Tom!

My favorite exchange was the heat vision lesson in the barn. Clark's "let's see you put a mug on this melon" was sooo corny, but also kind of hilarious. And Kara's "get back to me when you can fly, Earth boy" was priceless! I thought the exploding melon was funny, too.

I'm disappointed that they're setting Kara up to like Lana and not like Chloe. I think it's the complete opposite of what I would expect from these characters. I get it, of course - if Kara is friends with Chloe, she's much less likely to be okay with trying to steal her boyfriend. I'm not sure why Kara lurves Jimmy either. It's just a big old clunky plot device, if you ask me. You'd also think that when Kara is all hot (literally!) for Jimmy that Clark might mention he's Chloe's boyfriend, but he doesn't. I'm totally fanwanking that to mean that Clark secretly wants them to break up so he can have Chloe all to himself! :)

The Chloe/Jimmy/Grant scene at the Planet was lots of fun. Panda Boy? The Chloester? hee! I'm glad Chloe finally got her ire up and threatened to deliver "blunt force trauma" to the back of Grant's head. You know, I like Jimmy, and I like Aaron Ashmore, but the Chimmy? Not so much. I just don't think that he's smart enough for her. So I don't mind him noticing Kara while she's noticing him. I don't want Chloe to be dumped on endlessly this season, but it won't bother me if she and Jimmy break up.

Okay, I guess we have to talk about Lana. First, I have nothing against Kristin Kreuk. I actually feel sorry for her, having to inhabit this awful character every week. But Lana? I do not like. Why is she still on this show? Her story is played out. I so wish last season had ended up with Lex being revealed as an evil mastermind who only married Lana to take what Clark wanted, and Clark finally realizing that Lana is fickle and secretive, and that what he feels for her is the remnant of an idealized first love, and not true love at all. Then he can tell her it's over, and she can go off and live somewhere else. Instead, her character comes back and sucks the life out of every scene she's in. Clark completely regressed with her, and Lex was humiliatingly emasculated, and it was painful to watch. Thankfully I can barely remember any of the parts with her - I think it's post-traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, we have Lex, and the only thing that matters is the last scene of the episode. Lex! It's you! Complicated, outraged by all the lies that surround you, and trying to find a hand to pull you out of the darkness that threatens to overtake you. Oh, Lex, how we've missed you! I am sooo glad they ended the episode with this scene, and not the dreaded Clana one that preceded it. Michael rocked it! The chemistry between Lex and Kara was amazing. He knows all about her, and by extension, in his heart of hearts he knows all about Clark as well. I can't wait to see what happens next between these two!

Some random thoughts about this episode: No THRJ in the first few scenes with Clark! Yay! Shelby! Nice to see you, boy! He didn't seem to like Lana - listen to him, Clark. Those beauty queens were terrible actresses, and their arrival strut was ridiculous. When Clark was standing at the back of the pageant in extreme close up, Tom looked beautiful - I was seriously distracted by it. Loved, loved, loved the song that played over the end of the show. It's called Gained the World, by Morcheeba, but it's on a new album called Dive Deep that doesn't come out until 2008. I told you they were random!

So, with a little fanwanking and some mental editing, I thought this episode was pretty good. I liked the way it advanced Kara's relationship with both Clark and Lex, and it definitely left me wanting more next week. Supergirl continues to be made of win in my book!
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