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Your daily dose of Tommy!

I worked 14 brutal hours today and pretty much broke my brain, but I was too wound up to fall asleep when I got home. I started looking at some of my favorite screen caps to push the numbers out of my head and relax enough to get a few hours of sleep, and ended up putting together a little picspam.

You know, I used to hope that one day I would see Tom Welling on the big screen in a Superman movie, wearing the suit and the cape. But his recent photo shoot in Vogue, and his appearance on the red carpet at the Met, have changed my mind. Now when he makes the jump to feature films, I want to see him in a different kind of suit altogether.

With that in mind, I went looking for all the episodes of Smallville I could think of where Clark sheds the plaid and THRJ and dons dress clothes instead. I found four weddings, three funerals, two dances, and various other occasions. The boy cleans up nice!

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, KEakaCK, oxoniensis, and SVFan, with my thanks!
Tags: picspam, smallville, tom welling
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