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I worship at the television altar
Smallville 7.18 - Apocalypse
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From: (Anonymous) Date: August 21st, 2008 06:32 am (UTC) (Link)

Kel's Comments

Hi again Tariel! I hope I am not annoying you yet. Tell me if my comments are too long, I like to ramble. Now, I liked Apocalypse, but it wasn't my favourite of the season even though it was quite well-done. I like AU episodes, for instance I loved Labyrinth last season. I agree that it would have been neat if it had been a two-parter but Smallville is against that for some reason.

I really liked that Lois wasn't too different between the two realities in this episode. And it was so cute when she tried to sneak a peek at Clark, that just screams Lois to me for some reason! I liked the last scene too, Clark doing research by himself and Lois trying to comfort him. And of course, the classic punch to the arm. It was really nice, I love Smallville's version of Clark and Lois. They grow to love each other, and we don't have to deal with Lois liking Superman while treating Clark like an annoyance, which is how it is in the comics or films. Did you notice how Erica had trouble putting her arm around Tom? HA! He's simply too tall and large of a guy, and Erica's not short either. Jimmy was the same too, he was still a jerk. He didn't want to help Lois...seriously; do the writers want us to hate him? As we've noted, it's a realistic portrayal but it makes Jimmy look really weak. And he was giving Clark attitude, what was up with that? I was so happy when Clark pushed him up against the shelves, he should of threw him against the wall for good measure. I'm willing to bet that Tom doesn't like Jimmy, in most of their scenes Tom plays it like he's annoyed with him which is understandable. I did like how proactive Clark was, obviously Tom understands who Clark Kent should be. The writers could honestly take some lessons from him. Tom did a good job directing once again, there were some really neat shots and effects in this episode.

I like Laura Vandervoort. I really missed her, I wish they would stop keeping her out of episodes and that they would use her more. I think the only misstep that Tom may have made directing was actually the scene between himself and Laura towards the end. It came off as strange. I don't know if the script actually said "Kara acts strange" but isn't the direction and thus acting Tom's choice? I think he may have been confused and wanted to show that Kara is still being affected by Brainiac. Yet, the last scene implies that something is affecting Kara at that point, which makes the weird look she gives Clark even stranger. She was acting pretty normal up to that point. It's a shame, if they played it earnestly and with smiles, it could have been a sweet scene. I don't read the comics but in a hundred years, Kara would still be alive with Clark so what she said is true. I know Valerie mentioned some sexual chemistry but I didn't really see it, it was just odd.

I think Tom and Laura would make a hot couple in another series or movie. For some reason though, I love the similarity in hair colour for couples, I'm so strange. For instance, I think that Erica physically fits Tom the best and they match well, but I think Kristin fits him as well because of the shared dark hair. Laura and Alison clash with him because of the blonde hair but that's just my preference. Wouldn't it be hilarious though to see these actors work on something else together? It would be funny to see Tom and Erica as siblings in a movie! Maybe a little weird but it could work darn it! Who would you like to see Tom work with?

Here are my top five actresses:

Selma Blair - They were cute together in the Fog and had chemistry, would be awesome to see them work together again.

Kate Beckinsale - Hot + Hot = Really hot.

Rachel Weisz - One of my favourite actresses with one of my favourite actors, it would be great for Tom.

Natalie Portman - Brother-sister combo maybe? Natalie's too young for Tom romantically IMO.

Erica Durance
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: August 22nd, 2008 12:36 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Kel's Comments

Of course you're not annoying me! I'm always happy to see you comment. And ramble away; I love long comments, and I'm known for making marathon ones myself!

Labyrinth is also one of my favorites. Any episode that gives Tom the opportunity to stretch his acting muscles is a treat, and Labyrinth was exceptionally well done, IMO. In addition to Tom's amazing performance, and all the twists and turns of the AU, the episode was visually stunning.

Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed the Lois and Clark interaction in Apocalypse, both in and out of the AU. I hope we see something similar in S8. But I have to disagree about Jimmy. I know it's an unpopular opinion in fandom (at least where I hang out), but I kind of adore Jimmy. I think Aaron Ashmore does a good job, and captures the iconic Jimmy Olsen pretty well. Yes, he can be annoying, and I don't like everything about him (I hate the Chimmy), but I've enjoyed a lot of his scenes this season. But to be honest, my love for AA makes me very forgiving when it comes to Jimmy. When I'm a fan of the actor, I tend to cut his character more slack.

I couldn't agree with you more than Tom understands who Clark Kent should be! How I wish he were a producer on the show, as many television stars are, so he could have more of a voice in his character's development. At the very least, I'm hoping the new show runners will be more open to his input than AlMiles were.

I always liked Kara, and especially the scenes between the cousins. I've never seen any sexual chemistry there, though. I think strange was the point of that last scene between them; in fact, I think we were supposed to think that Kara was acting OOC. I wish so badly that Tom would do a commentary track and actually tell us why he made the choices he did as the director of this episode. That would be so fascinating!

I would love to see Tom with Selma Blair again, I thought they had wonderful chemistry. I like the idea of him opposite smart, funny women. I think Rachel McAdams would be great, or Zooey Deschanel, or Jennifer Garner. And I like your suggestion of Kate Beckinsale a lot!

Thanks so much for all your comments! I love talking about the show, and your insights and observations are really interesting. I hope to see you come back again!
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