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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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The scene I picked for this week is the final scene of Bound, a scene between Jason Teague and his mother, Genevieve. It's a scene I find creepy and chilling, and it took me quite by surprise the first time I saw it. It suddenly made Jason Teague a character in whom I was interested.

Up until the end of this episode, Jason appeared to be pretty much a boring cliche to me, the poor little rich boy, disowned by his heartless father for rejecting the family business to instead follow his dream. He was adorable, charming, and romantic with Lana, and actually made her more bearable in their scenes together. With Clark he was the coach who cared, warm, friendly, and decent. He was the All-American Boy, and even Omar on TWoP bemoaned the complete lack of HoYay when he was onscreen. All of which conspired to make me yawn when he was around.

Then his creepy mother showed up. Jane Seymour was masterful at portraying Genevieve as just a bit off, where the words coming out of her mouth had nothing to do with what she was communicating in other ways. Jason was quietly alarmed to hear she had approached Lana, and clearly spooked when he went to meet his mother in this scene.

It's night in the alley behind the Talon, pouring down rain. Jason ducks out the back door and into his mother's town car. He's telling her to back off and leave him alone, and he sounds resolute, but there's this little thread of pleading in his voice, as if he knows he has no control over what his mother will do next. His mother is saying all the right things, I'm really glad you're happy, Lana is an enchanting girl, and every moment convinces us more that Genevieve is some kind of threat, the female MB if you will. Some people have even picked up an incestuous, abused child vibe from Jason in this scene. And Jensen Ackles is rocking this performance.

Suddenly Jason is taken by aback by a new horror. Something in his mother's subtext makes him realize that his whole relationship with Lana may have been orchestrated by her. His mother laughs his fears off, but nothing she says serves to comfort Jason, or us. He climbs out of the car in a bit of a daze, and stands, unsettled, oblivious to the downpour, watching as his mother's car drives away. And as the scene fades to black, I suddenly want to know everything about Lana's handsome boyfriend and his twisted, creepy family. Good one, Smallville!

There is a footnote. With Smallville there's always a footnote. Evidently Jason was supposed to have a two-year arc where he and Lana fought together against his inevitable slide into predestined evil. However, Jensen Ackles was cast in Supernatural, and so his character was retconned into being instantly and always evil, slated to die at season's end, completely negating this glorious scene. But it was good while it lasted.
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