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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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This week I'm remembering a scene that took me by surprise, a scene that made me laugh in delight when I expected it to make me want to stab out my eyes. I'm talking about the Clana scene at the beginning of Hidden.

We open in Clark's bedroom, where he's sleeping. Looking like an angel, I might add. TW looks about as gorgeous as I've ever seen him in this scene, with tousled hair, golden skin, and a beautiful body, which is only enhanced by the white tee he eventually slips on. Yum.

Anyway, it turns out Lana is in bed with Clark. They awaken and say hello to one another, and it's adorable! Then they realize it's morning and they might get caught in bed together, and they panic. They rush around, getting dressed, and it's still adorable! It's natural, sweet, and funny, and I don't even know what show I'm watching. They sneak downstairs, holding hands and giggling, and run right into Jonathan and Martha in the kitchen. And then things really get funny.

Jonathan is outraged, Martha is stunned, Clark is wary, and Lana is terrified. The whole scene is hilarious! Martha tries to roll with the punches and accept this new development, much to Jonathan's consternation, and AOT portrays her struggle marvelously. As Jonathan launches into lecture mode, Lana bails, and we're treated to my favorite Kent family meeting ever.

Jonathan rages, Martha frets, and Clark is downright defiant, and maybe even a little bit proud. The humor lies in the physical choices the actors make: the telling looks they exchange, their reaction shots, the way Clark flinches as he ducks past his dad, and the way Clark and Jonathan turn in unison, mouths agape, when Martha asks if Clark was "safe." It's an atypically lighthearted scene for Smallville, and I absolutely love it. Everyone in the scene is perfect, and I still laugh every time I see it. Chloe interrupts as the scene ends, and her obvious amusement at the situation she's walked in on only enhances our own.

This scene played out like something from a delightful romantic comedy, and it will always be one of my favorites, regardless of how I feel about Clark's relationship with Lana overall.
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