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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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The scene I picked for this week isn't even a scene, really. It's more of a snippet. But it brings me so much joy in just a few seconds, I had to share. It's from Dichotic. The scene starts with the first time Lex encounters Dr. Helen Bryce at the Smallville Medical Center. He's just heard about Jonathan Kent's broken leg, and swoops in to offer his ubiquitous team of specialists. Helen is offended that he has implied her care is inadequate, and an intrigued Lex is unbelievably cute and charming as he tries to smooth her ruffled feathers. It's a Lex we haven't seen on the show for some time now, and I miss him. He's happy, flirtatious, confident, and sexy as hell.

Then Clark walks up, and they exchange a few words that perfectly illustrate the special relationship Clark and Lex shared in the early seasons of Smallville. First, as Helen walks away, Clark gives Lex a knowing look, and no words are needed for us to see that Clark realizes Lex is captivated by Helen, that Helen won't give him the time of day, and that Clark is immensely amused by the billionaire who can't get the girl. Their glances speak volumes, and give us more than pages of script could now.

Then Clark tells Lex he's worried about his mom, and Lex offers comforting words of wisdom, as he so often did back then. Clark visibly relaxes, and then, smirking, makes a joke about how Lex attacked a meter maid's car with a golf club. They smile together, joke some more, and it's the most natural, affectionate, funny conversation possible. There is no question that these two adore each other, and are the very best of friends. And that's it. As Clark walks away, he has a big, happy grin on his face, and it's mirrored on my own.

The scene is nothing, really, and yet I love it, and watch it over and over, smiling every time. I know we can't recapture those early days, when Lex and Clark were so happy and relatively carefree together, but I mourn for them, and for our boys, who now grow more distant every day.
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