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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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The scene I chose for this week is the final scene from Fierce, between Lex and Kara. I like this scene because it marks the S7 return of the Lex I love: smart, confident, resolute, sweetly vulnerable, and willing to offer his loyalty to those who give it in return, but a formidable enemy to those who insult his intelligence by telling him lies. Evidently he got his balls back from Lana to do this scene. :)

Lex surprises Kara in the alley as she leaves the Talon, ambushing her with his knowledge that she was his savior when the dam broke. As the scene plays out, it's obvious that they both know the truth, and Kara's denials seem like a weak charade. She even looks embarrassed to utter them. Kara clearly recognizes the unleashed power standing before her, and with Lex's final words she grows still, and swallows hard.

First Lex recounts the facts of his rescue to Kara, openly and honestly. He charmingly expresses his gratitude. At her insistent denial, his anger flares, and we glimpse the danger there. Then Lex visibly reels himself in, and tries again. This time he reaches out, gives a little more, sharing words that we, the viewers, know speak to his pain over the way Clark has always shut him out and turned him away. He makes himself vulnerable to Kara, offering his friendship and protection in return for her honesty. When she lies to him yet again, he takes it with grim acceptance, and his face becomes a solemn mask. He ends the scene by taking a menacing step forward, promising a relentless and unforgiving pursuit of the truth about the Kent family, while the camera closes in on eyes that are now devoid of emotion. It's a chilling moment.

Michael Rosenbaum once again shows his talent as an actor with this scene. The nuances he portrays, with a subtle look or gesture, are masterful. He does so much with so little, and I am in awe. Bravo. Laura Vandervoort does a great job as well, playing Kara's light-hearted facade, and her fear when she turns away from Lex's penetrating gaze, perfectly. Add in the haunting and lovely Morcheeba song, Gained the World, that plays throughout, and you have a gem of a scene. Truly.
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