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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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It seems only fitting, on this last Saturday before Christmas, to revisit a scene from Lexmas. This episode is a favorite of mine, a tour de force for Michael Rosenbaum, and my favorite scene is the final one. Lex stands in his hospital room, dressed and on his feet, ready to return to his life. The bed is made up, the room is no longer needed, his moment of weakness, both physical and emotional, is past. To the casual observer, the scene that follows is classic Lex Luthor, ruthless, ambitious, and cold.

But it's not. Because this scene is the culmination of everything that has happened in this episode. Lex has been shown the perfect life, a life that promises him the unconditional love he lost as a child, the family he's never had, the friendship with Clark for which he has ached, and the respect and admiration from the world that has always eluded his grasp. There's just one small price to pay to have this life, the death of the woman he loves.

Lex is faced with an impossible situation, and he makes the only choice he's ever learned to trust. Grab control, grab power, do everything within that power to achieve your goals, and trust no one but yourself. Lex cannot allow himself to even imagine a reality in which his choice ends in Lana's death, so he puts himself on a path to always have the power to save her. His own personal happiness falls by the wayside as he takes the steps he sees as necessary. And in the end, it's all about love. Just look in Lex's eyes as the scene fades to black.

This scene is beautiful, haunting, chilling, and heartbreaking, an amazing performance by an even more amazing actor. Thank you, Michael Rosenbaum.
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