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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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Sorry I'm late! :)

I have enjoyed both of the episodes of Smallville directed by Tom Welling, and I especially like the way he directs himself as Clark. I remember how strongly I was drawn to the Clark I saw in those two episodes. My reaction left me convinced that Tom has a clear vision of who Clark should be, and that his Clark has all the qualities that will one day enable him to become Superman.

My favorite scene in the second episode Tom directed, Hydro, is the one between Clark and Lana in the loft. Lana comes to Clark, once again trying to discover his secret. In addition, I think, she wants him to declare his undying love for her, although I'm still not sure what she would have done if he had. And Clark acts exactly as he should, every look and nuance consistent with the behavior of an honorable man.

It appears that Clark has closed the book on Lana for the last time. His demeanor is solemn, and he doesn't respond to Lana's pleas, her unshed tears, or her martyr act. You can see all the emotions with which Clark is struggling play across his face, and then he sets his jaw and regains control. He quietly reminds Lana that she is carrying another man's child, a man who has proposed marriage to her, and that everything between them has changed because of that.

Throughout this scene Clark displays dignity and resolve. He seems a bit dismissive of Lana, and even a little disappointed in her, and yet he is completely respectful. He realizes that whatever feelings he may have for Lana, they cannot be together under the current circumstances, and he absolutely does the right thing in sending her away.

I know all the potential of this scene was squandered in later episodes, but I'll always remember how I felt the first time I saw it, how elated I was that Clark had chosen to hold himself above scandal and do the right thing, not only for himself and for Lana, but also for the sake of her unborn child. In crafting the details of this scene, setting both the mood and the tone for the script at hand, Tom made all the right choices, both as an actor and a director. I hope to see him direct again.

Oh, and a bonus? In this entire episode, Clark only wore THRJ in one scene, for all of about 30 seconds! Yay!
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