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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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I love the loft scene between Clark and Oliver at the end of Arrow. It's two heroes having a conversation about things no one else can truly understand. I love how honest Oliver is with Clark, and how resolute Clark is about what he knows to be right. When Clark tells Oliver that he'll never feel that the end justifies the means, I can actually see him becoming Superman someday. And when Oliver tells Clark that there is a whole world of people who need what he has to offer, and that he can't wait for them to come to him, I want to stand up and cheer. The show has never followed through on the potential of that scene, but it was a wonderful moment, and I remain hopeful that Clark will embrace his destiny.

And because I'm shallow, I love how gorgeous these two men look in this scene together: tall, strong, masculine, and beautiful. Tom Welling in a plain white T-shirt, stretched gloriously over his massive chest and arms, is just magical, if you ask me.
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