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Saturday Smallville Scenes

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Perry is probably on my top ten list of Smallville episodes, and I love just about every moment of it, but the last scene of the show stands out as my favorite. I love Clark's whole demeanor as he bids Perry goodbye. He just seems totally comfortable in his own skin. The way I see it, his powers are back, he's in his comfort zone, and even if he doesn't consciously realize it yet, on some level he knows that being super is normal, for him. Even his voice is in a deeper, more relaxed register. Really! Go watch it! :)

I also love how he and Perry connect, and the hint of what the future holds for them together. Just the thought of Clark someday actually making it to the Daily Planet is such a thrill for me. And then the final shot, Clark looking all tall and sexy, legs apart and arms folded across his chest, as the bus drives away, is just beautiful. The song playing, Walking In Memphis, is also one of my favorites.

But if I'm going to be completely honest, this scene is my favorite just because of that wonderful white T-shirt, stretched so delightfully over Tom Welling's amazing chest. Yum.
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