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Smallville 7.17 - Sleeper

This week on Smallville, Clark Kent turns his back on the world, Chloe Sullivan no longer has any interest in being a reporter, and Jimmy Olsen is James Bond. He can pick any lock, hack any computer, dance a mean tango, single-handedly take out the bad guys, rescue the damsel in distress, and then sweep her off her feet and into bed. He has a briefcase full of sophisticated gadgets and Lex Luthor in his pocket. He's part spy, part playboy, part ninja, and part action hero. Oh, and he also makes a delicious, fat-free breakfast. Wait a minute. I thought the AU episode was next week.

All jokes aside, I didn't hate this episode, but I didn't like it much either, and the number of WTF moments was truly off the charts. After the awesomeness that was Descent last week, this episode left me kind of depressed. Knowing they can hit it out of the park makes it that much worse when they strike out, you know? I don't even feel much like writing about it. But let's give it a try, shall we?

So what did I like about the episode? First of all, Allison Mack. She gives every line of dialogue her all, and she's a delight to watch. Even when her lines are cringeworthy, her delivery is flawless. And I think she had fun making this episode, which definitely centered on Chloe. I enjoyed the way Chloe was both competent and proactive in helping Clark, even at her own peril. I appreciated how she tried to talk some sense into Clark about his priorities, although it killed me that she needed to. But most of all, I think, I loved how Chloe sparkled on the dance floor. It looked like AM was having the time of her life, as was I while watching her.

The girl can definitely dance, and with style. She was playful, beautiful, and sexy. That dress was simply gorgeous on her! The lighthearted tone of the dance sequence was completely at odds with that moment in the episode, but AM seemed to play it like Chloe's enjoyment was half an act to keep her suspicions about Jimmy secret, and half her true affection for Jimmy breaking through in spite of those very suspicions. In any case, it was fun!

I also liked Aaron Ashmore's performance as Jimmy. I think his Jimmy is cute, funny, and sincere. I believe he cares about Chloe, and AA perfectly played the hurt and confusion of someone whose girlfriend is clearly lying to him, and whose relationship is slipping through his fingers. He's also good at portraying that Jimmy is clearly in over his head, making poor decisions and being easily manipulated by Vanessa, Lex, and, when she needed to protect herself, even Chloe. He's over confident in one moment and utterly bewildered in the next. But he always tries hard, in his misguided way, and I adore him for it. I even thought his completely unbelievable spy prowess was a kick to watch. And he's pretty cute in a tux.

I really liked the scene between Clark and Jimmy. At first I couldn't understand why Jimmy would go to Clark. If Chloe is always running off to meet Clark, wouldn't Jimmy think he was the leader of the sleeper cell? But then I figured Jimmy thought Chloe was just using Clark as an excuse, and that she was probably lying to him, too. Anyway, I thought it was a cute scene, and very evocative of the iconic relationship between these two, with Clark giving Jimmy sage advice. Tom was great in this little scene. His reaction shots were pure gold, as always, and his advice was so heartfelt. He does so much with so little sometimes. But does anyone actually believe these two men are the same age? LOL!

Every moment with Michael Rosenbaum was awesome, of course. I especially enjoyed his scene with Jimmy. His Lex is so smooth! He's the master of the iron fist in the velvet glove. How can someone be so genial and so unmistakably menacing at the same time? *shivers* Jimmy gets it, that's for sure. Poor Jimmy, he doesn't have a chance. And even though (because?) Lex is clearly full of malicious intent, I find him irresistibly hot!

I loved all the music in this episode. To see a list of the songs, click HERE to go to The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack.

Hmmm, what else, what else? Okay, that one little exchange between Clark and Chloe in the Talon, where Clark gives her those big puppy dog eyes, and Chloe says that look is his greatest superpower. Too cute. :) I also liked that we were finally given a definitive answer as to why Jor-El froze Clark in the Fortress. And... I think that's everything. Now let's talk about what I didn't like.

Clark, Clark, Clark. What the hell, show? How did we get from that determined, "I won't let him," last week to that petulant, "I don't care about Lex," in one episode?! And, "the only important thing now is Lana," just made me want to cry. I'm so stupid, I actually thought KK being gone would make a difference. I have a horrible vision of what S8 will be now. Clark will never break up with Lana, KK will come back for the final episode so the Clana can bookend the season, Clark will flirt with Lois from time to time throughout the season to assuage the Cloisers, and if AM comes back, we'll get the occasional Chlois anvil as well. I won't tell you how many bad words were in that sentence the first time I typed it, but a certain scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles comes to mind. Sometimes I just hate you, Smallville.

Not only was Clark Lana obsessed in this episode, he was kind of a jerk to Chloe. He dismissed her concerns about Lex, ignored her warnings about what he was risking by not going after the keys, chastised her for not finding Brainiac fast enough, and showed no concern when she showed up in his loft bruised and bloody. He totally took her for granted the whole episode. That is NOT my Superman.

Plus, Clark didn't do anything in this episode. Chloe did everything. Clark came up with the single suggestion that they turn the search for Brainiac Lana's salvation out, to space. Chloe figured out where to find the satellite, how to gain access, how to track where Brainiac and Kara went, that Jor-El wasn't the bad guy this time, and the full import of Kara's transmitted message. I love Chloe as Clark's sidekick, but in this episode it was more like he was hers! I don't like it when my superhero is made to look ineffective. Clark didn't even use any of his abilities in this one. I understand that Tom was preparing to direct next week's episode, and I support that, but did his relative absence also require complete hero emasculation?

The Chimmy. I hate the Chimmy, and it makes Chloe look bad. I don't think the show is telling us that Chloe is really in love with Clark, or that she's settling for Jimmy, I think they're telling us that Chloe thinks Jimmy is the bomb! *gags* She doesn't mind that he ogled Kara before they broke up, and ran to her side when they did. She may not know that he checked out Lois's cleavage, but she must know he's a horndog, and evidently that's okay. She's not bothered by the fact that she is vastly more intelligent than he is. She doesn't even care that he turned on her when merely threatened with prison, while she took a brutal beating to protect Clark. All he has to do is kiss her, and all is forgiven as she falls into his arms. No. Just no.

I have to agree with those who say that the Chimmy is shaping up to be the new Clana. It's a relationship that makes no sense. Like with the Clana, I don't understand why either one would want to be with the other. And why give us that whole cryptic exchange about things not being as good the second time around at the top of the episode, if you're going to have them be so clearly together at the end?

There are so many WTF moments in this episode, I'm thinking of doing a separate post about them. [ETA: I did. You can read it HERE.] In any case, it makes my head hurt too much to revisit them here. Suffice to say, I think there was a lot of bad, lazy writing in this one.

Random thoughts: We know Jimmy's a geek, because he drives a Volvo! *rolls eyes* Jimmy definitely does NOT rock the scruff. Do we really believe Lionel "The Magnificent Bastard" Luthor would ever have presented his son with a passport holder inscribed with sentimental words of encouragement? HAHAHAHA! Is anyone else out there an SG-1 fan? Did you catch Dan Shea? Poor Siler, taking the fall again! :)

Man, it really does sound like I hated this episode, but for some reason I didn't. I must really like Allison Mack a lot! :) Please, Smallville, make the remaining three episodes nothing like this one, okay? I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. I love it when Tom directs, and it looks like this AU will give us some thrilling moments. Not that you ever doubted it, but I'll be there!
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