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I haven't even begun to catch up on my flist after being away, and I'll probably regret posting this, but I've always been impulsive, so here goes nothing.

I'm very fortunate in the friends I've found in the Smallville fandom universe, and I'm actually quite proud to count among my friends fans from different factions. There are Chlarkers, Cloisers, Clexers, and even people like me, who would say they are none of the above. But lately as I write my reviews, I find myself hesitating to express certain opinions, because I don't want to offend or perhaps even lose one of my friends. And I think that's bad.

I never want to be the kind of fan who exists solely in a niche created by those who agree with me. I want to hear everyone's viewpoint, have lively discussions, and even agree to disagree. I find that infinitely more interesting than day after day of posting "Word!" "Me, too!" and "ITA!!" At the same time, I desperately want everyone to like me. :) Have I lost you yet? What I find particularly unnerving is the vitriol I see tossed back and forth between the more, shall we say, passionate members of some groups. I haven't seen this on my flist, but I know it's out there, and it keeps me cognizant that emotions run high when you're discussing someone's favorite character or 'ship. And as much as I hate to admit it, that awareness has on occasion affected what I write.

So today I'm going to put it all out there. I'm going to tell you all where I stand on all things Smallville. Some of you know me well enough that there will probably be no surprises. Some of you may stop reading right here because you couldn't care less about my opinions. :) I just feel like if I'm honest and straightforward here, it will make it impossible for me to play the coward by continuing to hedge my bets in my writing, which I never want to do again. I was completely honest in my review of Descent, and I'm feeling some pain for that, but I'm trying to embrace it. I vastly prefer a healthy argument to stony silence, believe me.

1) First and foremost, I'm a Tom Welling fan. Over and above any character on this show, I adore this man. I think he's a great actor, and, from what we see of him in the public eye, a great guy. So it should come as no surprise that I am also a Clark fan. When I watch the show, he's the only character I'm truly passionate about, in the sense that I care about what happens to him over any other character. I wouldn't call myself a Clark apologist, but with all the fanwanking I do for this show, I'd probably be lying. :)

2) The relationship in which I'm most interested is the one between Clark and Lex, as friends, and now enemies. I have no interest in or expectation of seeing Clex slash on the show, but I enjoy the Ho!Yay moments for what they say about the complexity of this relationship. I think Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum have incredible chemistry together, and I think that's what makes Clark and Lex such a delight to watch.

3) Michael Rosenbaum owns me. He is so talented, and so funny, and so generous with his fans, and just such a sweetheart in all things, it's impossible not to love him. Because of MR, I will always love Lex, and never give up on him. But I do believe Lex when he says, "I am the villain of the story," and I do believe he's accountable for that. Lex's life has been fraught with pain, abuse, betrayal, and heartache, but in the end he chose the path of darkness all by himself.

4) I love Chloe. What I love most about her is that she was created just for Smallville, and I think she's a better character because of that. Her development has been much more organic than the iconic characters, because there is no canon to force the writers' hands. I respect her, I genuinely like her, and I wish I had a friend like her! I also love that she has become so fiercely loyal to Clark, and never stops believing in him. I honestly don't know where Clark would be without Chloe.

5) I'm not a Chlarker, or a Chloiser. I love it in fanfic and vids, but I don't particularly hope for it on the show. I would kind of like Chloe to remain unique, and not have her special qualities blended into existing canon by making her into Lois. And in spite of some great kisses, I don't see that kind of chemistry between Clark and Chloe on the show. To be fair, I don't see it between Clark and Lois either. Can we bring Alicia back from the dead and turn her into Lois somehow? Because that chemistry was hot! :) I don't think we'll see Chloe and Clark get together on the show, although with AlMiles gone, who knows? If it does happen, however, I'll definitely be on board. As long as the writing is good, and they don't completely mess with the Superman mythology, I'm up for any number of outcomes.

6) I'm not a Clexer. I read Clex slash (for some reason, it's the only slash I like), and I love it, but only in fanfic and vids. I'm even a little uncomfortable with a lot of the manips, but only because I think they would make the boys uncomfortable if they saw them. Well, maybe not Michael. :)

7) I'm not a Cloiser, if a Cloiser is what I think it is. I think it's someone who likes Lois as she's currently written on the show, and who hopes to see Lois and Clark grow closer and fall in love on Smallville. As anyone who read my review of Descent knows, I don't like Smallville's Lois. I think she's got potential, and I think she's definitely redeemable, but right now I think they're doing a great disservice to the iconic character I've loved for years. And it's problematic, because they've already written Chloe to play most of the role in Clark's life that Lois is destined to play in Superman's, so I can see why any Chloe fan would embrace the Chlois theory.

I'm one of those purists who thinks Lois should never have come to Smallville, but since she did, let's get her right! Quite frankly, I think the writers are as obsessed with Lois's boobs as Jimmy is, and see her more as a set decoration than a character who is pivotal to the story. And that is so wrong. She needs to smarten up, stop falling into bed with everyone (especially her boss), go to college (as should Clark, for that matter) and get a journalism degree (don't forget the ethics class), and start to see Clark for who he really is, instead of making fun of him all the time. We've seen some wonderful moments with Lois, but overall? They're doing it wrong.

8) For the record, just in case you're brand new to my journal, I hate the Clana. I don't hate Lana, I don't think, I just hate what she does to Clark and Lex. I liked S1 Lana, Lana when she was first with Jason, Lexmas Lana, and EVOL Lana. But the writers just can't resist the Clana, so I'm glad KK is escaping, and putting Lana out of their reach.

9) Lionel is bad. Magnificently so.

10) The Kents are good. Bo could be an ass at times, and Martha was clearly crazy for awhile there in S6, but Clark is the man he is today because of their love and humanity. I miss them both.

11) Love Jimmy, hate the Chimmy. He's not worthy of Chloe, and I hate who she becomes when she's with him. She forgives his fickleness, caters to his insecurities, and dumbs herself down so as not to humiliate him. But I honestly think Jimmy is adorable, and a decent enough guy, although he's kind of immature and a bit of a horndog. Take his love life out of the picture and let him be friends with Clark, and he'd be perfect.

12) I love Oliver Queen, and I love Justin Hartley even more. I get that Ollie's story was overshadowing Clark's for awhile there, but he was just so fun I didn't even mind. And I especially enjoyed the scenes Clark and Oliver shared. Clark needs more male friends, and Oliver not only knew his secret, but understood better than most his reasons for keeping it.

Well, that seems like more than enough of my view of things, which, of course, may all change by tomorrow. :) Care to share yours? I hope I haven't said anything to make you think we can no longer be friends, but if I have, or if you've been looking to cut me anyway, it's okay, I won't hold it against you. And if you made it all the way to the end, thanks for listening.
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