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Smallville 7.02 - Kara

My love for this show and my excitement over its return continue to grow! I really enjoyed tonight's episode, and I have high hopes for this season in general. Optimism is my friend; cynicism is my kryptonite!

Clark continues to man up, and I can't believe how much I am loving it! It honestly feels quite different from last season to me. This is the man destined to be our hero! Clark is strong, smart, decisive, and very much the leader in his scenes, and he steps so easily into the mentor role with Kara (much as I imagine Tom has for Laura on set). I credit Tom Welling completely for these changes. I just think he has really taken possession of his performance in these first two episodes.

The opening scene between Lois and Clark was cute and fun. There was flirting, and hints of future feelings to come, and an ease between them that reminded me of those first few episodes in Season 4. And of course Lois has to be all impulsive and headstrong - it's one of her most endearing qualities! :) Which leads to the convenient unconsciousness Smallville depends on so often! LOL!

The first meeting between Clark and Kara was great - I loved how she sent him flying! I thought their scenes became better and better as the episode went on, as they bonded in their uniqueness as Kryptonians on Earth. I thought Kara was too cute picking up random little boys at the playground, and I liked the contrast of their next scene, which quickly became emotionally intense as Clark stops Kara from flying away, and then tells her she can trust him. Back at the farm, how funny was Clark's whoa, step back moment when he found out Kara was his cousin? hee! Tom does those comic reaction shots so well!

I'll admit I became a little choked up when Clark was teaching Kara about her super hearing - it was so evocative of the same moment between Clark and Jonathan in Whisper. That was a nice touch. But of course the best scene was their conversation in the loft. Kara's confusion over the fate of everything she holds dear and the enormity of the future she faces now was very well played, as was Clark's vulnerability in his longing to know more of his mother and his home world. I think this new character and her relationship with Clark are great for the show. I really am ready to embrace the new possibilities Kara's arrival brings, and the new role Clark plays in giving her guidance.

There wasn't much Chlark action in this episode, but it was nice how Clark was totally open with Chloe about Kara. Chloe's other scenes were a delight. She was so feisty with Lex - Allison and Michael are so good together! And the Daily Planet scenes were golden, when the new editor completely dismisses Chloe and raves about Lois. You can see the whole range of emotions playing across Chloe's face, from "wait, I'm THE Chloe Sullivan" to "OMG, have I let my torch go out?" to "I'll show you, you ass!" Allison, you rock!

My take on Grant is that he fancies himself the master manipulator, and that he has hired Lois because the competition will light a fire under Chloe and bring her to her full potential. Any success Lois has on her own behalf is so much gravy, but not his primary motivation. Or that's my fanwank, anyway! :) Michael Cassidy seems way too young for the part, but I'm rolling with the wunderkind concept for the moment. OTOH, it would be fun if it turns out he's simply an evil minion of Lex (the Luthors own the paper, right?), out to torment both sets of cousins! Whatever, I'm easy! LOL!

I liked the way Lois was initially totally loyal to Chloe and refused to take the job, but I also liked the way she eventually caved and said yes. That's the ambitious Lois I want to see! I know Lois seems dumb sometimes (hello? don't touch the spaceship!), but I see it more as being insatiably curious and blindly tenacious, which leads to making a few mistakes. I really like Erica's portrayal of Lois - she's a breath of fresh air. I'm also all for more scenes at the Daily Planet. It's a gorgeous set, and it's been the backdrop for some of the best scenes of the whole series, from Clark's leap in Insurgence, to the Chlark kiss in Vessel, to classic Clark Kent in Noir.

And then we have Lex and Lana. I have no idea what is going on there. The storyline just doesn't make any sense to me, and the more I think about it, the more my head hurts. With every line of dialogue, I'm like, "what?" and "but wait, last season didn't..." and "but what about..." and finally, just "buh?!" I'll take a raincheck and figure it out later, or maybe never. :)

Questions abound, such as, is Kara an ally for Clark, or dangerous like Jor-El says, or both? Who are the mysterious government types who seem to know way too much about Kara's ship? Where is Lionel, and who dragged him away after the dam broke? What about Jimmy? How does Chloe both work and go to school in Metropolis, and live in Smallville, three hours away? Why does Clark have to wear that damn red jacket/blue shirt combo every damn day? LOL!

What happens next? Tune in next week - that's what I'll be doing!
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