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Supernatural 5 Challenge #5

Hi, Supernatural fan flisters, the Supernatural 5 Challenge is back! Once again we have quotes, screen caps, and trivia questions, all in sets of 5. Questions are here; answers are in a following post. Ready to play? Let's go!

Supernatural 5 Challenge #5

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

5 quotes. Can you identify the episodes?

1) "Yeah, well, how we were raised was jacked."

2) "Dean, I don't scare easy, but man, you're scaring the crap out of me!"

3) "Yeah, well, I'm just freaked out that your weirdo visions are coming true."

4) "I can see it in your eyes, Dean. You're worthless. You couldn't save your dad, and deep down, you know that you can't save your brother. They'd have been better off without you."

5) "So what, he just walks up to someone, touches 'em, and they go stark ravin' psycho or somethin'?"

BONUS! 5 easy quotes, just for the sake of the awesomeness that is Dean Winchester! Go on, how fast can you name the episodes? :)

1) "Don't worry, Sam. I promise I won't trade you for smokes."

2) "I like him. He says okey dokey."

3) "Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie. I love me some pie."

4) "Demons I get. People are crazy."

5) "Next time you wanna get laid, find a girl that's not so buckets-o-crazy, huh?"

Part II: Screen Caps

5 screen caps. Can you identify the episodes?






BONUS! 5 caps of the show's third lead, the Impala! Can you identify the episodes? :)






Screen caps courtesy of marishna, oxoniensis and Striped Wall, with my thanks!

Part III: Trivia

1) What is the house number of the boys' childhood home in Lawrence, Kansas?

2) In what two cities do the boys encounter shapeshifters?

3) During what scene in which episode do we hear the song You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, by Bachman-Turner Overdrive?

4) What is Bela's license plate number?

5) During what scene in which episode do we hear the song Hot Blooded, by Foreigner?

And that's it! Go HERE to check your answers. Thanks for playing!

Did you miss one of the previous challenges? Click to play #4, #3, #2, or #1.
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