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Supernatural Meme

Snagged from (who else?) angieb5

When did you start watching Supernatural?
Right from the beginning, with the Pilot.

What made you want to watch it?
I've always liked shows about the paranormal, like The X-Files and Buffy, and the first promo I ever saw for Supernatural made me say out loud, "Ooh, The X-Files Junior!" I was instantly hooked. Then I saw another promo with Dean's "Agent Mulder, Agent Scully," line, and I was squeeing before I even saw an episode. Plus, the show had Cute!Dean from GG and, I don't know, some other guy I'd never seen before. :)

Who is your favorite character?
Dean. The Dean. Best-night-of-my-life Dean. When he said, "Easy, Tiger," that was it for me. I was in love.

What is/are your favorite episode/s?
The Pilot, Scarecrow, Nightshifter, What Is and What Should Never Be, Bad Day At Black Rock, Mystery Spot

What is/are your least favorite episode/s?
Bugs, Route 666, No Exit

Who was your least favorite character they ran into?
Becky, Sam's snooty friend from Stanford in Skin.

What is your favorite quote?
Every snarky one liner that comes out of Dean's mouth.

Evil!Dean? or Evil!Sam?

John or Sam?
John who? Yeah, don't even get me started about John! The answer is Sam.

Demon or Meg?
Meg. Especially when she's in Sam.

Huge freaky knife or shot gun?
Boys with guns. Every time.

What's the worst (scariest) thing they've run into?
Demon!Dean scared the bejeebus out of me. Hopefully he scared Dean, too, enough to make him fight hard to get out of his deal.

Metallicar or Truckzilla?
Have you seen this show? Metallicar, of course.

Best J² moment?
For me, it was Jared going to Fort Worth to see Jensen in A Few Good Men. That really brought home to me what these boys mean to one other, and that they're brothers in every way except blood. For a whole bunch of adorable J² moments, watch this video:

Funniest moment would have to be?
If you're talking about laugh out loud funny, I would have to go with Sam's fall outside the restaurant in Bad Day At Black Rock. There's just something about the way he suddenly disappears from the frame that gets me every time. *giggles*

Screen caps courtesy of Striped Wall, with my thanks.
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