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I looove Chuck!!

Okay, I had a crap day at work today. When I finally got out of there after 7:00 pm, I was pissed and absolutely on edge. I got home, got settled, and turned on the CW, because I keep thinking Chuck is on that channel! LOL! What is that about? Then I remembered Monday is NBC all night long and turned it. And almost instantly my troubles melted away, and my happy came back. This is why I love television, people! The fantasy just takes me away.

Chuck 1.02 - Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Chuck has completely won me over. I really adore this show. It's not so much the plot of each story, it's more the many, many moments within each story that I love. Like tonight, when I spotted the Tron poster in Chuck's bedroom. BWAH! And yes, I have the 20th Anniversary DVD in my collection. :) Or when Chuck is spouting all the secrets in his brain and he talks about Oceanic Flight 815. Or when the customer in Weinerlicious (hee!) says "I love you" to Sarah as he runs out the door. Just a lot of little moments that are so, so funny and endearing.

I've always had a thing for nerdy guys. I'm not talking about some stereotypical nerd prototype, because I hate gross generalizations, but my own definition of nerdy, meaning smart, funny, nice, into pop culture, and more likely to watch Doctor Who and read the LOTR books again than to watch football and read the stock page. And now there's this show that says nerdy is cool, and validates my preference in every way, so of course I love it! LOL!

I also think Zachary Levi is a better actor than I realized. On Less Than Perfect his character was the opposite of a nerd - he was the kind of character who would be a nerd tormentor: arrogant, ambitious, shallow, and mean, and I couldn't stand him. Yet as Chuck I find him to be sweet, vulnerable, and adorkable. Chuck even looks totally different from Kipp.

Tonight, just like in the pilot, I enjoyed the mix of action sequences, comedy, awesome music, workplace stuff, family stuff, and spy stuff, with just a touch of suspense and drama. Raising the issue of trust helped to advance Chuck's relationship with Sarah and Casey, making them more than just the spy guys, but reinforcing that their motivation is still somewhat ambiguous. The helicopter flying was a bit much. I think it would have made more sense for him to access hidden pilot knowledge in his computer brain than to pretend he was playing a video game, but whatever. And am I mistaken, or did we hear that Captain Awesome's name is Devon?

Heroes 2.02 - Lizards

Next up is Heroes. Tonight's episode opens with Peter, with his wonderful new short haircut and no shirt (hello, pecs!), tied to a chair, and then they throw a bucket of water on him. And um... what were we talking about? Rowr! Oh, don't hit the pretty! Ouch!

Wow, who knew? All last year I just thought of Milo as that short emo kid from Gilmore Girls who desperately needed a decent haircut. ( Just like I thought of the Padalecki as that tall lanky kid from GG until I saw the towel scene in Hell House.) Anyway, Milo looked extremely hot tonight, which helped distract me from the stupid criminals who thought he stole all their iPods and then handcuffed himself inside the empty storage container. Buh?

Most of the episode, however, was made of win. Loved seeing Parkman take charge and use his power, taking on Mama Petrelli and meeting up with Nathan again (dude! shave! please?). Ditto for Mohinder infiltrating and going to Haiti - he's helping HRG get the band back together! Yay! I thought the parts with Claire rang true for how it is to be a teenager - prudence falls by the wayside in the path of self-discovery. As soon as I saw her contemplating her toes I freaked, and watched only the edge of my TV screen, through my fingers, for the rest of that scene. I don't know what to think of West yet. Cute, but creepy? Two times with the peeping tom action doesn't sit too well with me.

Hiro was fabulous, and all his glee reminded me of when we first met him in Season 1. Good times. His sequences were fun, and how cool is it that David Anders has a power too? I never expected that - I thought at best Hiro would turn back time to save him. I'm looking forward to whatever happens next with them. Poor Ando, though.

I'm not feeling it for the new twins yet - I'm reserving judgment for the moment.

Okay, little tiny rant. What's with showing a bunch of stuff in the teaser that isn't in tonight's episode? No Niki and Micah. No kiss between Claire and West. No clean-shaven Nathan. And no Sylar?! That is not okay! *waits impatiently for next week*

I started watching Journeyman after Heroes, and I still like it, but it just doesn't grab me the way the other two shows do. I was interrupted about halfway through, and never got back to it. I could go either way (watch or don't watch) at this point. Right now it's late, well into Tuesday officially, and I'm off to bed.
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