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Smallville 7.01 - Bizarro

My show is back! I didn't realize how very much I had missed it until tonight's episode started and I could hardly contain my fangirl excitement! :)

Here are my impressions of tonight's episode, based on a single viewing with no recorded backup. In other words, in no particular order, and I'll probably remember stuff wrong. LOL!

Right off the bat, let's get the shallowness out of the way. Tom Welling is a beautiful, beautiful man. :) I seriously cannot get enough of him. I also think he rocked this episode, in both roles. You could instantly tell which Clark we were seeing, in lots of little ways. Bizarro!Clark was harder, edgier, more confident, and sexier. Definitely a deeper voice, which I loved. His casual violence totally freaked me out, but was also villainously cool. Loved the Clex scene beyond belief. Real!Clark was all about emotion and vulnerability in this episode, but at the same time he seemed to have stepped up a little, displaying determination and resolve. He really seemed more manly and heroic to me, a little less lost little boy. Fingers crossed for more of the same as the season goes on!

I liked Clark's look, except for THRJ, of course. He looks different to me this season. He still looks very young, but more like a true adult, especially in his face in certain scenes. I don't know if that's makeup or just Tom, but I approve. In Clark's most heroic scene, when he stopped the flood with his heat vision, he looked wonderful. With the wind blowing his hair back off of his face, and that tight blue T-shirt, he really evoked Superman. And shirtless Tom in the very first episode? Bonus!

The Chloe/Clark exchanges were great, as always. Her line about Clark flying - "you gotta get on that one!" - was my favorite of the episode. I also was glad Clark had such a strong reaction to the news of Chloe's death. I'm really interested to see what they do with this relationship this season.

Serious love for Martian Manhunter. More, please! Phil Morris is perfect in this role.

As much as I like Clark's independence, I miss Annette O'Toole. A lot.

Lex's speech about Lana being his only reason for living or whatever? Gag me. I never liked the p-whipped Lex we saw so much of last season. Please, please let Michael loose to finally be the deliciously evil Lex we've only glimpsed so far. He's so much better than the way Lex has been written lately.

I like Erica, and usually I like Lois, but her actions were all over the place tonight. Or just really different from what I would do in her situation! :) I blame the writing. Cute scene with Clark at the end where she forgives him. Tom does those reaction shots so well.

Kelly Clarkson's Sober over the last scenes! I love that song.

Kara? I'm cautiously optimistic. Her flight at the end gave me a little thrill.

Lana? *sigh* Mostly, I think I feel sorry for Kristin. *dreads what is to come*

Oh! The opening credits! I'm liking the new order, with Michael #2 and Allison #4. It's about time!

Obviously I don't analyze this show much, or apply logic in the extreme. I just go along for the ride and enjoy the pretty. That said, though, I do love this show beyond all reason. I can't wait for next Thursday!
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