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Smallville 5 Challenge #5 - ANSWERS

Here are the answers to the Smallville 5 Challenge #5. Haven't played yet? Go HERE. Look at this post only if you're ready to see the answers!!

A small disclaimer: I did this by myself, without a beta, and I'm not infallible, so if you disagree with any of my answers, please let me know in the comments! Thank you!

Smallville 5 Challenge #5 - ANSWERS

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

1) "Well, normal was never really your style, Clark."
Chloe to Clark, in Episode 4.19 - Blank.

2) "I used to think you had this strong inner core. You were so virtuous. And yet you lie all the time. To me, to Lana, to all the people who cared about you. What kind of sick person would do that?"
Lex to Clark, in Episode 5.22 - Vessel.

3) "We all need to believe in heroes, Clark. And even the best ones are far from perfect."
Lex to Clark, in Episode 5.06 - Exposed.

4) "One who denies his destiny can bring about as much pain and suffering as your greatest enemy."
Joseph Willowbrook to Clark, in Episode 3.20 - Talisman.

5) "I was right about you all along, Clark. You're not even human."
Lex to Clark, in Episode 3.08 - Shattered.

Part II: Screen Caps

1) Episode 1.16 - Stray

2) Episode 3.02 - Phoenix

3) Episode 6.11 - Justice

4) Episode 6.12 - Labyrinth

5) Episode 6.03 - Wither


1) Episode 4.22 - Commencement

2) Episode 3.04 - Slumber

3) Episode 7.10 - Persona

4) Episode 6.09 - Subterranean

5) Episode 4.11 - Unsafe

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell and SVFan.com, with my thanks!

Part III: Songs

1) Falling - Mindy Smith
Episode 4.10 - Scare: This song plays as Clark talks to his parents about whether he will ever be able to tell his secret to a woman with whom he'd like to share his life, and continues as Jason packs a bag and says goodbye to Lana.

2) Standing Still - Jewel
Episode 1.05 - Cool: This song plays as Lana walks away from Clark in the hallway of Smallville High, leaving him utterly alone after reaffirming that their friendship is just that and nothing more.

3) Gained the World - Morcheeba
Episode 7.03 - Fierce: This song plays as Clark and Lana talk about starting over in their relationship at the Harvest Festival, and continues as Lex confronts Kara in the alley behind the Talon, trying to get her to admit to rescuing him when the dam broke.

4) Roadside - Rise Against
Episode 6.14 - Trespass: This song plays as Lex comes to see Clark in the barn, and gives him an invitation to his wedding to Lana.

5) Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
Episode 2.06 - Redux: This song plays as Clark and Lana talk in the loft. Clark says he'd like to study journalism in college, and Lana reveals that her biological father may still be alive.

Music info courtesy of The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack, with my thanks!

Part IV: Trivia

1) Who had more stalkers (this can mean someone with an unhealthy obsession, someone who wants to simultaneously date and kill, or someone who just wants to kill the person in question) in Season 1, Lana or Chloe? Can you name the baddies?
In Season 1, Chloe had four stalkers and Lana had two. They were:

a) Episode 1.03 - Hothead: Coach Walt Arnold
b) Episode 1.05 - Cool: Sean Kelvin.
c) Episode 1.19 - Crush: Justin Gaines.
d) Episode 1.20 - Obscura: Deputy Gary Watts.

a) Episode 1.02 - Metamorphosis: Greg Arkin.
b) Episode 1.04 - X-Ray: Tina Greer.

2) Four episodes of Smallville have been directed by actors on the show. Can you name the episodes, and the actor who directed each of them?
a) Episode 3.20 - Talisman, directed by John Schneider.
b) Episode 5.18 - Fragile, directed by Tom Welling.
c) Episode 6.10 - Hydro, directed by Tom Welling.
d) Episode 6.15 - Freak, directed by Michael Rosenbaum.

3) In what episode did Pete first learn Clark's secret? What about Chloe?
Clark told Pete his secret in Episode 2.03 - Duplicity. Alicia manipulated Clark into using his powers in front of a hidden Chloe in Episode 4.12 - Pariah. Chloe then learned the full extent of Clark's abilities in Episode 4.19 - Blank. Clark gave Chloe the final piece of the puzzle in Episode 5.01 - Arrival, when he told her he was from another planet.

4) Where did Clark (briefly) attend college?
Central Kansas A&M University.

5) Chloe has been hired to work at the Daily Planet three separate times. In which episodes did this happen, and what were the circumstances each time?
a) In Episode 1.20 - Obscura, Chloe was given a summer internship at the Planet after writing a noteworthy article for the Smallville Ledger about her harrowing kidnapping experience.
b) In Episode 2.22 - Calling, Lionel Luthor gave Chloe the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a reporter at the Daily Planet when he offered her a weekly column in exchange for information about Clark. Outraged and disgusted, Chloe refused. But in Episode 2.23 - Exodus, a heartbroken and angry Chloe reconsidered, and accepted Lionel's offer.
c) In Episode 5.05 - Thirst, Chloe convinced editor-in-chief Pauline Kahn to give her an entry level job at the Planet after she wrote an unpublishable but impressively researched article about Met U's vampire sorority.

Thanks for joining me this week! I hope you had fun! Feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, and any other feedback in the comments. I'll be back next Thursday; I hope you will be too.
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