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What's your most memorable Smallville kiss?

This post is for the Smallville fans on my flist. It was inspired by something acampbell posted in her journal yesterday. I want to know, what's the most memorable kiss you've ever seen on Smallville, and why does it stay with you? Was it because it was hot, or romantic, or tender, or maybe so very wrong it's forever burned into your brain? :) Think back over the past seven seasons and tell me the kiss you loved, or hated, but just can't forget!

I've collected screen caps of various Smallville lip locks, not necessarily my favorites, but just a sampling to spark your memories. Feel free to post more caps in the comments if you have them! Come on, let's share the love!

Awww, I miss Martha and Jonathan.


Lex is hot!

Doing it in public? Kinky!

Blindfolded girl-on-girl action? Even kinkier!

Sorry, Clexers, this is the best I could do! :)

Hey, it's Pete! Hi, Pete!

Elevator sex!

Who is that sunglassed man?

For hot and scruffy Dean Jason, I'd make out in a church too.

Chloe and Seth Cohen.

Tom is ginormous!


Chloe's hopelessly devoted to Clark.


Oh, Victoria, don't play a player!



Red!K Clois!

Lexana's first romantic kiss.

Mmm, loft love.


Oh, even I have to admit they look cute here.



Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, oxoniensis, SmallvilleDedication, and SVFan.com, with my thanks!

And finally, what kiss would you most like to see next on the show, if you could be the puppet master? Chlollie? Chlark? Clois? Clex? AlMiles? (Ewww, sorry!) How about we have the Winchesters come to town and sweep everyone off their feet? Just for fun. :)
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