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Supernatural 3.09 - Malleus Maleficarum

Guess what I was thinking about as I brushed my teeth this morning? And yesterday morning, and last night, and the night before? Damn you, Kripke! My dental hygiene is too important for you to implant this aversion to it in my brain! Not to mention that I'll never eat another fast food hamburger for the rest of my life, but I should probably be thanking you for that one. For me, the gross out factor was off the scale in this one, and there was more than one scene I'll be fast forwarding through every time I rewatch. Yuck.

But beyond the ick, this was another awesome outing for the Winchesters, with some real answers to questions we've all been asking. I can't say I liked the answers, but it wouldn't be Supernatural if it didn't ratchet up my angst, kill my hopes, break my heart, make me cry, and most of all, make me wish I could reach right into my television set and hug my boys. Who knew it would be a show that features classic rock music that would finally turn me emo?

Oh, before I forget, YAY! We're back!! This week's episode was crafted by the wonderful team of Ben Edlund and Robert Singer, who brought us Bad Day At Black Rock earlier this season. It was the perfect blend of horror story and myth arc, and, although Dean hurtled closer and closer to his dark destiny, there was even a modicum of snarky humor. Very nicely done, show.

At first it seemed we had your basic MoTW tale, and a fascinating one at that. Who hasn't wondered about witchcraft, what it can get for you, and what exactly is the price it exacts? And who doesn't believe there's something wicked going on in the suburbs of America? Hell, I live in a neighborhood almost identical to the one we saw tonight, and I sure do! The first part of the show was full of creepy goodness, and I enjoyed seeing the boys working together, solving the mystery and hunting down the witches. But then Ruby appeared, and the story took a turn towards true danger, and inevitable heartache.

How cool was Dean's first interaction with Ruby? Didn't it go just as you might have expected? I think I felt as panicked as Sam looked, watching helplessly as their exchange spiraled out of control in a matter of seconds! And what about the bomb she dropped? All of a sudden this wasn't a witch story, it was the demon war in all its glory, and Sammy was in danger! Yikes! And that's when our story really got interesting.

Back at the motel, the tension level was high. And then Sam sat down at the end of the bed. My breath caught in my throat. This can't be good, I thought. Then Dean sat down at the end of the other bed. Oh, no. Before Sam even started talking, I was already crying. It's freakin' Pavlovian, people! Every time they sit this way, it's bad news. And then Sam's eyes were filling up (Jared, how you do this, I'll never know), you could hear the unshed tears in his voice, and he was breaking my heart, talking about how he has to become Dean, because Dean isn't going to be there any more. *takes a moment* Oh, boys, there has to be a way out of this for you!

But before we can even indulge in the angst they're dishing out, OMG, what's the matter with Dean?! Where's the hex bag? What is Sammy gonna do?! And Sammy's off with the Colt, determined to rescue Dean. Yeah, Dean may be going to hell, but not a moment before his time! Then, bam! Sam confronted the coven. And how hot was he, giving them five seconds to release Dean or die, bitches! *fans self* At that point, things started happening so fast my head was spinning. The housewives were dropping like flies, evil abounded, Ruby rescued Dean, Dean rescued Ruby, and the whole thing was beyond awesome! Whew!

Okay, time out for an observation. I have such a hard time when people set themselves against Dean, because I find it so unbelievable. When Mrs. Renee Van Allen (did I spell that right?) was being such a bitch to Dean, all I could think was, if someone that beautiful showed up at my house with a badge and questions, I would tell him anything he wanted to know, including confessing to murder, just to please him and make him stay even one more moment by my side. Wouldn't you? *sighs* Anyway, where were we?

The actress who played Tammi turned in a stellar performance. She was beautiful, and riveting, and deliciously evil. I was stunned that her character could stop the Colt's bullet in mid-flight, which makes her more powerful than the YED, right? And she's not even the big bad! How are the boys supposed to fight it?

The final scene of the show was the most revealing, and the most harrowing. Ruby doesn't have the answer we've been looking for after all. I think even Dean was holding out hope for that one, and Jensen portrayed Dean's quiet, yet anguished, acceptance as he let go of that final thread perfectly. Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. It seems that Dean was right all along, about how Ruby was lying, about how she knew Sammy's weakness was Dean, and about how she was exploiting him to serve her own purpose, although ultimately they share the same goal. It kind of looks like Dean really is going to hell, where he is destined to become that which he hates most, the evil he hunts every day of his life. Oh, Dean.

We did have one moment of pure funny in the midst of all the angst. How hilarious was it that Dean actually described what we know to be one of the formula scenes of the show, episode after episode:

"Nothing, but it's just what you're supposed to do, okay? We're supposed to, to drive in the freakin' car and freakin' argue about this stuff! You know, you go on about the sanctity of life and all that crap?"

Random thoughts: If all demons were once humans who died and went to hell, does that mean the YED's family all died and went to hell with him, and they all became demons together, or was there actual reproduction after death? Supernatural gave me another great song with this episode; Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn has been playing on a continuous loop since Thursday night. The Secret? *snerk* And suits again this week! That makes six episodes out of nine. Yum. Thank you, show!

So, I'm almost entirely unspoiled, and I'm beginning to freak out. Can someone just hold me and tell me everything's going to be okay? What? You say Kripke's in charge? Anything's possible? I was afraid of that. Okay, you know I'm in anyway, I'll be back next week for more. And Kripke? Please don't hurt me.
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