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Smallville 5 Challenge #4 - ANSWERS

Here are the answers to the Smallville 5 Challenge #4. Haven't played yet? Go HERE. Look at this post only if you're ready to see the answers!!

A small disclaimer: I did this by myself, without a beta, and I'm not infallible, so if you disagree with any of my answers, please let me know in the comments! Thank you!

Smallville 5 Challenge #4 - ANSWERS

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

1) "You're honest. People trust you. And you have this innate sense of justice. I can see it on your face how upset you get every time you think someone's being mistreated."
Lana to Clark, in Episode 1.18 - Drone.

2) "All I know is that every meteor freak I've ever run into has ended up either dead or in Belle Reve."
Chloe to Clark, in Episode 6.15 - Freak.

3) "Never underestimate the value of eccentrics and lunatics, Lex. Every Arthur needs his Merlin."
Lionel to Lex, in Episode 2.03 - Duplicity.

4) "Chloe, you've been saying a lot of weird things to me lately. What makes you think I'm destined to do anything?"
Clark to Chloe, in Episode 4.13 - Recruit.

5) "Clark would have to be on drugs to be on drugs."
Chloe to Pete, in Episode 2.04 - Red.

Part II: Screen Caps

1) Episode 5.03 - Hidden

2) Episode 4.06 - Transference

3) Episode 5.20 - Fade

4) Episode 2.21 - Accelerate

5) Episode 2.11 - Visage


1) Episode 3.01 - Exile

2) Episode 2.16 - Fever

3) Episode 4.22 - Commencement

4) Episode 5.03 - Hidden

5) Episode 3.04 - Slumber

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell, with my thanks!

Part III: Songs

1) This Is Your Life - Switchfoot
Episode 4.19 - Blank: This song plays over several scenes at the end of the episode. First, Lex examines the map of the Kawatche caves he found in Clark's loft. Then, Clark forges a new beginning with Lana. Finally, Clark talks to Chloe at the Torch about what happened while he had amnesia.

2) Goodbye Again - Vertical Horizon
Episode 3.03 - Exinction: This song plays as Lana comes to see Clark at the farm, and unsuccessfully tries to convince him to tell her his secret.

3) Where I Stood - Missy Higgins
Episode 7.04 - Cure: This song plays as Lana first tells Clark she would never hide anything from him, and then secretly visits a hidden bank of surveillance screens to spy on Lex. It continues as Chloe and Jimmy talk at the Daily Planet, where Jimmy breaks up with Chloe when she won't tell him her secret.

4) Trouble - Bonnie McKee
Episode 3.07 - Magnetic: This song plays as Lana and Seth kiss at the Talon, right before they decide to leave Smallville.

5) Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
Episode 5.06 - Exposed: This song plays as Lois does her undercover strip tease at the Windgate Club.

Music info courtesy of The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack, with my thanks!

Part IV: Trivia

1) What is the mascot of Metropolis University?
A Bulldog.

2) The initials LL are quite common in Smallville, most notably with Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, and Lois Lane. Can you name their relatives with the same initials?
a) Lex's parents? - Lionel and Lillian Luthor
b) Lex's grandfather? - Lachlan Luthor
c) Lex's half-brother? - Lucas Luthor
d) Lana's parents? - Lewis and Laura Lang
e) Lois' sister? - Lucy Lane

3) What Smallville High principal has a past connection to Lex Luthor, and where did they meet before?
We learned in Episode 2.06 - Redux that Principal Terrence Reynolds was the headmaster of Excelsior Prep when Lex was a student there.

4) Although some people would argue that Lex has seen evidence of Clark's super abilities countless times, and must know all his secrets by now, Smallville has shown us just four occasions where Lex explicitly witnesses Clark's powers, only to have his memory subsequently erased each time. Can you name the episodes in which these occasions occur?
a) Episode 1.11 - Hug
b) Episode 3.08 - Shattered
c) Episode 4.17 - Onyx
d) Episode 5.22 - Vessel

5) We've seen five newspapers in the Smallville world. Can you name them all?
a) Daily Planet
b) Metropolis Inquisitor
c) Metropolis Journal
d) Smallville Ledger
e) Smallville Torch

Thanks for joining me this week! I hope you had fun! Feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, and any other feedback in the comments. No challenge next week, because we'll all be watching a new episode instead! Yay! I'll see you back here for a new challenge when we have our next hiatus.
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