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Heroes 2.01 - Four Months Later

Not a review, just impressions, I'm way too excited to form coherent thoughts/sentences. First of all, they still have it - this show does not disappoint! In no particular order:

Peter is hot!! I am loving the new haircut. However, it looks like they took all his extra hair (and then some) and put it on Nathan's face! Yikes! Pasdar's beard (and we all know it's real, we've seen it) is seriously reminding me of a big old bear. Where's that beautiful chiseled jaw? Poor sad Nathan, though, and poor confused Peter. I hope they find each other again soon.

Many questions were raised, but I can wait to have them answered. I'm not really interested in endless speculation, I'd rather just enjoy the ride. I probably feel that way because I can never figure anything out anyway! :)

Loving Claire and HRG, not so much the product placement pimping. The new kid's robot/alien analogy is interesting in the context of super powers, especially when he turns out to have one of his own!

I totally enjoyed watching Parkman kick ass for once! And I'm glad his wife is gone - I never liked her anyway. Maybe he won't be such a sad sack this season. I hope they don't kill him off - I like Greg Grunberg.

Mohinder seems so out of his depth in spy mode - I'm worried. But yay for Stephen Tobolowsky! Ned Ryerson FTW! And he can do evil so well.

Hiro and David Anders? I'm in! And I love Ando, waiting back home and trying to be a hero in his own way.

Finally, what really surprised me is how much I missed Sylar! All last season I was so scared of him, and of the possibility that he would kill my favorite characters, all I could focus on was hoping they could stop him somehow. But I never realized I would miss that little thrill of terror I felt whenever he appeared, or how much he added to the whole story. When they showed him in the previews, I totally squeed! LOL! Who knew?

I can't wait for the next episode!
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