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New Tom Welling pics from Jimmy Fallon!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has released three new photos of Tom Welling from his appearance on the show!


Here are clickable thumbnails of a few more new pics that were posted last week, just in case you missed them. Connor Stanhope tweeted one of himself with Tom at the Smallville wrap party:

The Los Angeles Times shared some more pics from their photo shoot with Tom on 04/25/11. They're not very big, but they sure are pretty! Here is the complete set so far:

In honor of the series finale this past Friday, Rolling Stone re-posted their Smallville cover story from the March 28, 2002 issue, which hasn't been available online for awhile. The reporter is a dick, but the article is an interesting bit of Smallville history. If you'd like to revisit it, click HERE.

Finally, don't forget that Tom is scheduled to be a guest on Live With Regis and Kelly tomorrow!

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