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Smallville: Alan Ritchson talks about Tom Welling

This is from about three weeks ago, so it may be old news, but I just came across it last night and thought I'd share. I can never get enough of nice quotes about Tom.

Alan Ritchson did an interview with the Television Zombies podcast, and had this to say about Tom Welling as a director:

You know, it's gotta be tough for people who don't know him personally, because you see the character of Clark, and it's like that's, I think for a lot of people, what they might perceive Tom to be as in real life, and share sort of that same personality, and he's really nothing like Clark Kent, or the way he portrays him on the show. He's a very down-to-earth, super-nice guy, fun-loving, just such a charismatic, great guy to be around. Not that Clark isn't any of those things, but it's a special thing to be able to interact with this guy while you work with him. I learned that about him through our time acting together, and I tell people he makes a great director because he carries those things into his directing with him, and the ease about him, the ease in dealing with you, and collaborating with you, and listening to your ideas, and sharing, and bringing the best out of you, it's just so natural to him, working with people, and that makes him an exceptional director. He's got all those things, so it's just a joy to work with him on set, it makes it really easy. You know, I've worked with some directors who, they have their vision, and the way that they want it is the way it's gonna go, and there's no discussion, and it really makes a poor creative environment, I think, and Tom is definitely not like that, so it was a lot of fun to work with him in that capacity.

You can download the podcast at the Television Zombies site HERE, or from iTunes HERE (look for episode 146).
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