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Smallville: More 10x10 cast interviews

John Glover talked to Jenna Busch for Newsarama, and gave us an intriguing little tidbit about tonight's episode:

Nrama: What was it like having Kelly direct?

Glover: Kelly? She's a wonderful director. She went for very specific, seemingly small things and would focus on, 'I need to see you thinking here. Where are you going with this?' She was doing that with everybody. There were very specific things she needed to tell the story she was trying to tell. She's a really good storyteller. She's a wonderful director. And you never can tell. When one of the writers says, 'I'm directing an episode,' you think, oh dear. What's going to happen now? She's wonderful. She's a great director.

Nrama: Do you really think Lionel had redeemed himself when he died?

Glover: Well, I thought...redeemed himself? You talk like he was a terrible villain! [laughs] No, no. I mean, there was a logical reason why he gave Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) shock treatments.

Nrama: Of course!

Glover: It was only to strengthen the poor boy. Give him a spine.

Nrama: You were just helping.

Glover: Redeem himself. Please. That's so insulting. [laughs]

Nrama: Is there anything else that you're allowed to tell us about the parallel universe?

Glover: Just that Lionel is an even better fencer than he was on real Earth. Earth 2 is a very dark place. A lot of red kryptonite around. And you remember what red kryptonite does to Clark. He keeps it on his bedside table.

Nrama: I have to ask you about how you feel about the series coming to an end and what it's meant to you.

Glover: You know, I've been acting for a long, long time and it's the longest I've ever been with a group of people. In anything. In school...I guess not a relationship, but it was quite an amazing family that I spent seven years with. And then when I came back, when I really thought that there was really no way I could come back, and to see a lot of those same people still on the crew and up in the production office and things, it's been a very positive experience for me, to see all those people again. And they really let me know how much they missed me too, so that felt great.

Read the entire interview at Newarama HERE.

ETA: John Glover also discussed his return with Marisa Roffman for Give Me My Remote. Read the interview HERE.

And one more with Cassidy Freeman, who talked to Damian Holbrook for TV Guide:

TV Guide Magazine: How is Tom as bad Clark?
He is so good! Imagine having to play the goody-two-shoes for 10 years and the once in a while getting to sort of flip that. It was so fun. I was like 'who are you?!'

Find the full interview at TV Guide HERE.

A Luthor promo from Canada's SPACE Channel, with some scenes from the episode I haven't seen anywhere else:

And the other Canadian promo from last week, in case you missed it:

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