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Smallville: New Cassidy Freeman interview

Cassidy Freeman talks to Christina Radish for Collider, and gives us a lovely quote about Tom:

What were you most surprised to learn about Tess, as a character?

FREEMAN: Her emotional depth was something that was a little bit surprising to me. On a show where a lot of these characters are comic book characters, and they’re predictable in some ways, whether that’s bad or good, Tess really surprised me and others, in being a really human character that had deep emotion. You never really knew what she was going to do. With a villain, you always know they’re going to do bad. With a hero, you always know that they’re going to at least try to do good. Those moments where you can play against that are the interesting moments. With her, you never know, so I found that to be my favorite part about her.

What can fans expect from this week’s episode, entitled “Luthor”? Is there anything you’re excited about fans getting to see, as far as Tess is concerned?

FREEMAN: Yeah, I’m really excited for people to see a different side of Tess. Just getting to play a different side of her was really fun and explorative. The ability for her to play with her father and know who her father is, was also really exciting. I think fans will like that. And, you get to see a different side of Clark, which is always fun.

Are there qualities that you most like about Tess, and are there qualities in her that you wish you could change?

FREEMAN: That’s a really good question. I love her strength. I love her sense of self. If people don’t agree with her, she kind of goes her own way, which is really inspiring for me and is something about human nature that we can all learn from. As much as there may be a norm, the only thing you can do is be yourself. I think, though, that sometimes that also means that she takes a low road when she could try to take a high road. That’s probably something I’d change about her.

How has it been to work with Tom Welling over the years, as both a co-star and a director?

FREEMAN: Tom is a really great guy, for someone who has been on a television show for 10 years. That can go a lot of different ways, but Tom is really, really down-to-earth. He loves directing, he loves doing and he loves succeeding, and I think that shows in his work. He’s a very giving actor, and he’s a really, really calm and supportive director. That’s incredible.

Read the full interview at Collider HERE.
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