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Smallville: More 10x09 interviews

Two more interviews with Alan Ritchson were posted this morning, and he continues to gush about Tom. :) Jenna Busch talked to Alan for Newsarama.

Nrama: Now that Clark and Lois are moving towards a pretty solid relationship, is there any marriage advice that AC doles out? I think the last time he saw a married superhero, it was the sad story of Hawkman (Michael Shanks).

Ritchson: Yeah. There is a conversation about Clark and Lois for sure and I think it's a pretty good one. Pretty necessary. I like that they can have those moments, you can have those conversations now. Again, it goes back to where they really are. I don't know, if anybody ever dreamed that there would be conversations like this going on between superheroes, but these conversations are happening now because that's where they are. It's great. There is definitely a conversation about that and it's a necessary one.

Nrama: I have to ask you about working with the dolphins. What was that like?

Ritchson: That was awesome! I've worked with live animals before but I've never worked with a dolphin before. It was cool. It was like all those little childhood dreams come to life. You dream about being down by the trainers in an aquarium, and being able to pet them. And some of them...it was just so cool to be so hands on with those creatures. They're so smart and so well trained. But it was funny because, the way the shot was set up required a certain positioning for the trainers and myself to the dolphins, proximity-wise. We found out, in the middle of the scene, that part of the way that these trainers communicate with the dolphins is by their proximity to the dolphins. It happened once on accident [laughs] and it freaked me out. When they take a step back from the dolphins, the dolphins come up. They rush the dock and then they pose. I was literally on the edge of the dock, thinking they're going to swim off backwards and we're about to shoot, and they take their step back to get off the frame, and three dolphins rush me and surround me. [laughs] I freaked out! I didn't know what they were doing! I hadn't seen them do that before and it was the scariest moment ever! I thought I was going to get eaten! [laughs] It was part of their show. It kept happening so we had to actually play with the shot a little bit and it took a long time. But we finally got it and it was just a lot of fun. Very memorable.

Nrama: I know Tom directed this episode. What is his style like?

Ritchson: His directorial style is excellent. He's very laid back, which is his personality. He's not...even in very stressful situations when you're going over on time, normally people would start freaking out in the last couple hours, going, 'Now the studio will be breathing down my neck. We've got to get everybody out of here. We've got to get off the clock.' He's just always present and always calm and it makes him very easy to work with him. He's focused about what he does. He knows how to get what he wants, and he'll do what it takes to get the product and get the shot done right and to make sure he's happy with it. He's calm and controlled until that happens. He's great. He's great to work with and he makes it very fun to come in and do your work every day.

Read the full interview at Newsarama HERE.

Alan was also interviewed by Christina Radish for Collider.

Since everyone is getting a bit of a new look to their suits for the final season, will you have a new look as well?

Yeah, Aquaman dons a new suit. You definitely see a glimpse of the old, but you see a new suit and it’s very stealth and dark. It’s a black suit with a hint of the orange. It’s very high-tech looking. It was something I actually asked for, and they were one step ahead of me. I wanted that, and they had it ready to go. It was a really cool change. I like seeing the show grow up with its characters, and I think they’re doing a good job of that, especially through the costumes. You see the character growth on screen and in what they’re wearing and they’re looks, which is important, but more so, the evolution of these characters as people is happening right before your eyes and I think that’s really cool to see and to be a part of. Hopefully, that came through with my performance, this time around. That was definitely the goal. But, I’ve noticed that on the show, on this season so far, and that’s been interesting.

What was it like to work with Tom Welling, as a director? Did you ever get more nervous about delivering on your performance, when it came to having him not just as your co-star, but also your boss as well?

That’s a great question. It’s really up to the individual, as to how much pressure they would put on me, or I would put on myself. He is not the kind of person that I would ever feel pressured to be working with. He’s such a giving person, by nature, and that translates into his directing. I’ve experienced it with his acting as well. He can put anybody at ease. His presence, his energy, just being around him, you just feel like everything is going to be okay. Even if other people on the crew are running around screaming and trying to get stuff done, he’s always just in control and calm. It’s such a necessary and perfect energy for a set, that the leader is able to put everybody at ease, and he’s very good at that. There’s definitely no pressure. That type of energy makes you want to perform better, but in a good way. He really knows how to bring the best out of you, as an actor, and really in every capacity, for those involved with the show. He was great. I wasn’t apprehensive about that at all.</b>

Read more at Collider HERE.

A couple of pics from Luthor, thanks to CW publicist Marisa Mineo, @MissMarisM on Twitter:

Tom looks amazing! I hope we get the full collection of pics in HQ soon!
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