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Smallville 5 Challenge #3 - ANSWERS

Here are the answers to the Smallville 5 Challenge #3. Haven't played yet? Go HERE. Look at this post only if you're ready to see the answers!!

A small disclaimer: I did this by myself, without a beta, and I'm not infallible, so if you disagree with any of my answers, please let me know in the comments! Thank you!

Smallville 5 Challenge #3 - ANSWERS

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

1) "Why don't you just die?!"
Tina!Clark to Real!Clark, in Episode 2.11 - Visage.

2) "You can't straddle the fence on this one, Clark! My father and I are enemies. You have to decide who you really trust."
Lex to Clark, in Episode 4.09 - Bound.

3) "Lex, I’m tired of playing hardball. Or softball, or any ball for that matter. Game's over."
Chloe to Lex, in Episode 6.18 - Progeny.

4) "Clark, the only abilities I have are playing the market and falling for the wrong women."
Lex to Clark, in Episode 3.03 - Extinction.

5) "This guy can fly? God, Clark, you gotta get on that one!"
Chloe to Clark, in Episode 7.01 - Bizarro.

Part II: Screen Caps

1) Episode 3.03 - Extinction: Jesse Metcalfe played Van McNulty.

2) Episode 1.13 - Kinetic: Evangeline Lily played "Wade's girlfriend" (she was an extra).

3) Episode 3.11 - Delete: Missy Peregrym played Molly Griggs.

4) Episode 1.07 - Craving: Amy Adams played Jodi Melville.

5) Episode 1.19 - Crush: Adam Brody played Justin Gaines.


1) Episode 2.02 - Heat

2) Episode 1.21 - Tempest

3) Episode 4.18 - Spirit

4) Episode 5.10 - Fanatic

5) Episode 5.06 - Exposed

Screen caps courtesy of acampbell and SmallvilleDedication, with my thanks!

Part III: Songs

1) Prelude 12/21 - AFI
Episode 6.09 - Subterranean: This song plays as Lex does his glorious slow motion strut through Level 33.1.

2) Supernatural - By Divine Right
Episode 1.15 - Nicodemus: This song plays as Lana, under the influence of the Nicodemus flower, does a strip-tease for Clark on the diving board of the Smallville High swimming pool.

3) Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
Episode 4.11 - Unsafe: This song plays as Clark and Alicia go ice skating.

4) Mad World - Gary Jules
Episode 2.11 - Visage: This song plays as Lana, in tears, comes to see Clark in the Kawatche caves, mourning the loss of Whitney, and desperate not to lose Clark as well.

5) Precious - Depeche Mode
Episode 5.01 - Arrival: This song plays over several scenes at the end of the episode, most notably the scene where we see a mysterious substance spill from the Black Ship and transform into the body of Braniac, played by James Marsters.

Music info courtesy of The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack, with my thanks!

Part IV: Trivia

1) What is the name of the bridge where Lex has his car accident in the Pilot?
Loeb Bridge.

2) What happened in Shuster's Gorge?
Sasha Woodman was stung over 1,000 times by bees.

3) In which episode do Lex and Chloe first share a scene?
Episode 1.07 - Craving.

4) We all know that Lionel Luthor spent a considerable amount of time incarcerated during Season 4, but 6 other main characters on Smallville have also ended up behind bars during the course of the show. Can you name them, and the episode(s) in which they were jailed?
a) Clark, in Episode 2.02 - Heat. [Extra credit if you said Episode 4.06 - Transference, in Lionel's body.]
b) Lex, in Episode 4.09 - Bound, and Episode 7.01 - Bizarro.
c) Lana, in Episode 3.07 - Magnetic.
d) Jonathan, in Episode 1.09 - Rogue, and Episode 2.13 - Suspect.
e) Lois, in Episode 4.13 - Recruit.
f) Kara, in Episode 7.03 - Fierce

5) There have been a total of 7 episodes where Clark is under the influence of red kryptonite. Can you name them all?
a) Episode 2.04 - Red.
b) Episode 2.14 - Rush.
c) Episode 2.23 - Exodus.
d) Episode 3.01 - Exile.
e) Episode 3.02 - Phoenix.
f) Episode 4.11 - Unsafe.
g) Episode 6.13 - Crimson.

Thanks for joining me this week! I hope you had fun! Feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, and any other feedback in the comments. I'll be back next Thursday; I hope you will be too.
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