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Smallville: Bryan Q. Miller talks to Inside Pulse

In part one of an interview with Grey Scherl from Inside Pulse's Comics Nexus, Bryan Q. Miller talks about writing for Smallville.

Nexus: What are some of your personal highlights from your time writing on the show? Any episodes or moments that you’re especially proud of?

Miller: A lot of it has to do with a combination of the writing and how our wonderful actors and production have added to those bits, completing the whole. It’s just words until cast and crew work their magic. Committed – Clark expecting to get electrocuted when Lois says she loves him… and then nothing happens. Tom’s reaction really sells the moment. Hex – Chloe’s speech to Clark, breaking not only the spell placed on her, but on the hero. The Man-love scene at the end of Echo between Oliver and Clark, post suicide attempt. Warrior – the soup can. Sacrifice – Zod and Faora’s final scene together. And easily 95% of the forthcoming “Luthor” airing in December.

I love that he appreciates what the cast and crew bring to the production, how he sees each episode as a collaboration. The moments he mentions are all favorites of mine as well. That scene from Committed with Clark and Lois is amazing, and I can't even count the number of times I've watched the one from Warrior where Clark chucks that can to take out the bad guy while he's talking to Lois on the phone. It still makes me laugh out loud, every single time. Read the full interview at Inside Pulse HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2).
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