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Smallville 5 Challenge #3

Hi, Smallville fan flisters, we're back for another round of the Smallville 5 Challenge! Once again we have quotes, screen caps, songs, and trivia questions, all in sets of 5. Questions are here; answers are in a following post. Ready to play? Let's go!

Smallville 5 Challenge #3

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

5 quotes. Can you identify the episodes?

1) "Why don't you just die?!"

2) "You can't straddle the fence on this one, Clark! My father and I are enemies. You have to decide who you really trust."

3) "Lex, I’m tired of playing hardball. Or softball, or any ball for that matter. Game's over."

4) "Clark, the only abilities I have are playing the market and falling for the wrong women."

5) "This guy can fly? God, Clark, you gotta get on that one!"

Part II: Screen Caps

This week we have caps of 5 actors who guest starred on Smallville before going on to find greater fame in other roles. Can you identify the episodes? For extra credit, name the actor, and the character he/she played on Smallville.

1) Look! It's Gabrielle's boy toy from Desperate Housewives!

2) Look! It's Kate from LOST!

3) Look! It's Andi from Reaper/Candice from Heroes!

4) Look! It's Giselle from Enchanted!

5) Look! It's Seth from The O.C.!

BONUS! 5 screen caps of Suit!Clark. He cleans up nice, doesn't he? Can you identify the episodes?






Screen caps courtesy of acampbell and SmallvilleDedication, with my thanks!

Part III: Songs

5 songs. Can you identify the scene and episode during which each song is played?

1) Prelude 12/21 - AFI

2) Supernatural - By Divine Right

3) Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

4) Mad World - Gary Jules

5) Precious - Depeche Mode

Part IV: Trivia

1) What is the name of the bridge where Lex has his car accident in the Pilot?

2) What happened in Shuster's Gorge?

3) In which episode do Lex and Chloe first share a scene?

4) We all know that Lionel Luthor spent a considerable amount of time incarcerated during Season 4, but 6 other main characters on Smallville have also ended up behind bars during the course of the show. Can you name them, and the episode(s) in which they were jailed?

5) There have been a total of 7 episodes where Clark is under the influence of red kryptonite. Can you name them all?

And that's it! Go HERE to check your answers. Thanks for playing!
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