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Smallville: Interview with Bryan Q. Miller

The Comic Book Road Show podcast talked to Bryan Q. Miller about Smallville and Batgirl! It's a long, fascinating interview that explores Bryan's history with the show (he started as an intern in S5!), all the steps an episode goes through between idea and broadcast, what's coming up for Steph in the Batgirl comic books, and lots more, including this quote about Tom Welling:

Tom's great at comedy. He's a really good straight man, he's great when he's funny, so it's good whenever we can get him into that place in an episode, too.

It's nice to hear a writer single out Tom's gift for comedy, and no one gives him better comic material than BQM, who wrote Committed, Hex, Echo, and Warrior. Download the podcast at Comic Book Road Show HERE, or from iTunes HERE. I don't remember anything too spoilery (most of the discussion was about episodes that have already aired), but I'm not positive, so spoilerphobes should proceed with caution.
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