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Tom Welling mentioned in a Supernatural interview

Winchester Radio talked to Guy Norman Bee, the director of tonight's episode of Supernatural, Family Matters. He also directed Asylum back in S1. It's a great interview, with a lot of insight into the making of the episode, and some fun BTS stories, including one where he mentioned Tom Welling:

One of the weekends, it was the first weekend of NFL, and Jensen and Jared and Jim Michaels, we were all going to meet to watch the football game. It was pouring outside, and so we're sitting in this booth in the corner, and this guy comes up with a hoodie, and he leans over Jared and Jensen and he starts making these funny noises, and I'm like, oh, this is weird.

The guy pulls the hood back, it's Tom Welling. And I had met Tom real briefly on Asylum, so he sat down, and started talking, and I said, "So how many seasons has Smallville gone?" He goes, "Well, this is 10, and we're done." And I didn't know this, but he's a big part of Hellcats. He's the executive producer, and he found the material, and he got it made, so he's sort of like kind of transitioning into that a little bit.

And then later Misha showed up with an actor named Colin Ferguson who's the star of Eureka, so it was really funny, because I said, "You know, if a bomb hits this place right now, three major TV shows are going to be done." It was fun. It was a sports bar, so it was full of a bunch of sweaty dudes, so nobody came and bothered them. It was kind of fun.

Listen to the entire interview at Winchester Radio HERE, or download it from iTunes HERE. He compares Sam to Ted Bundy!

I would have killed to hear the conversation at that table, but I'm glad the guys were able to kick back and relax without having to deal with fans. And I continue to love that the Vancouver boys hang out together. :)
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