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Smallville: New 10x06 preview clip

The CW has posted the Harvest promo we saw last Friday after Isis, and a preview clip. Shallow fangirl that I am, I mostly noticed that a) Clark is going to be shirtless, and b) judging by how he looks dressed, it's going to be the highlight of the episode. :)

Smallville "Harvest Preview Clip":

Smallville "Harvest Preview":

So it looks like Clark and Lois are going to make love in Harvest (given the spoilers we've heard, I'm guessing that scene will be the last of the episode, with the General and Lucy surprising the happy couple by arriving at the Kent farm bright and early the next morning). If they do, I'll be happy to see it. I was afraid the show was going to go back to the ridiculous delaying tactics we saw last season. I just hope Clark tells Lois the rest of his secret first, but I think that flash of Virgil Swann's journal means that he will. I'm assuming we're talking about Super!Sex here; anything else would be a major cop-out.

I think it's cool that Smallville brought Connor Stanhope back to play Alexander. Will Lucas Grabeel be next? ;) I'm still totally torn about the whole Clone!Lex storyline. On the one hand, a clone could always have a hidden mutation or two, so if Alexander grows up to be EVOL, I can still hold on to the more complex characterization Michael Rosenbaum gave to Lex. And Clone!Lex is better than Fake!Lex. Plus Tess's role in all of this fascinates me. On the other hand, if the show somehow does the impossible and brings Michael back, I want to see him play the real Lex, not a copy of him (even if he does supposedly have Lex's memories). Mostly, though, I just wish we had a definitive answer about whether or not Michael will return. If it's no, just tell me, so I can accept it and move on.
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