tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Smallville: TV Guide scans

My TV Guide didn't arrive yesterday, so instead of the current issue, check out the one from December 8-14, 2001, featuring a new show called Smallville! :) Click for BIGGER.

There were four different covers that week, all by Alex Ross. Together they made one panoramic picture. Clickable thumbnails of the other three:

My favorite quote from the article is what Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth says about Michael Rosenbaum: "You couldn't ask for a better, more dimensional Lex. He combines a wonderful arrogance with that terrifyingly unclear agenda." Another interesting tidbit is that even way back then, they were saying that Chloe was related to Lois Lane.

The issue even included a Smallville comic!

Tags: scans, smallville, tv guide
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