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Tom Welling story from Jared Padalecki

I think we've all heard the story of Tom Welling in the Impala on the Supernatural set in some form or another, but I wanted to share the version that Jared Padalecki told at the Supernatural Con in Chicago this past weekend. Huge thanks to agt_spooky for generously sharing her awesome video of the panel, and for allowing me to rip this snippet (my first YouTube upload ever!) to share with Tom fans!


You can download a copy of this vid from MU HERE, or from MF HERE.


Jared: In Asylum, the episode Asylum in the first season, Smallville was shooting right next to Supernatural, and we had this scene, we were just driving up in the Impala, and so between every take we'd drive back, and we happened to see Tom, he was walking to his trailer, so we honked or something, and he's like, "Hey!" So we came over, we started chatting, and we're like, they're calling for us, they're saying action over the walkie.

So he just hopped in the car, and we drove in, and no one knew, no one knew that he was there, so we just drove up to set, out gets Jensen, out gets me, out steps Clark Kent. Everybody's like, "What the heck... Who... Who's that guy you're... That's Tom!" We had a laugh, but I don't know why it didn't make it to the [gag reel]. I think it was before we knew we would go for a full season, so we didn't know we were gonna need a gag reel, or have a gag reel. So it was lost forever.

Misha: And probably also you would have had to pay him a million dollars.

Jared: He owns the rights to the show now. For that shot!

If you're a Supernatural fan, you should definitely check out agt_spooky's Creation Con vids, they're amazing! See all the downloads she has shared HERE.

In other news, TV Guide's Hollywood 411 was at the Smallville 200th episode party, and brought back this video. Includes preview clips for Homecoming. Thanks to VeriTo51 on YouTube for the upload!

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