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New Smallville spoilers from Watch With Kristin

E!Online's Kristin Dos Santos had this to share in her Watch With Kristin Spoiler Chat:

I'm hearing some great things about an upcoming episode that is based on an "alt Earth" Clark will visit, which is something they did in the comic books. He will see an alt Clark there, and the end of the episode will have everyone talking. Also, get ready to scrape yourself off the ceiling after watching the 200th episode, 'cause it's made of 100 percent awesome from what I hear. "Best episode ever," says my source, and this source knows a thing or two about good TV. James Marsters is a huge part of the episode, in a good way—gone is Bad Brainiac of days past! Plus, if you're a Clois shipper (and let's face it, who isn't?!), you'll be treated to countless squeeworthy and very emotional scenes.

Read more at E!Online HERE.

I'm not up on the latest spoilers, has this "alt Earth" news come up before? It's totally new to me.
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