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Smallville update

New preview clip! I don't know what to make of it. I hope they don't have Lois play the jealousy card, and IMO Clark was never a bumbling nerd in high school. He was HOT. I just always thought the girls in Smallville were either blind or crazy for not chasing after him 24/7. :)

Smallville "Homecoming Preview Clip":

Smallville "Homecoming Preview":

William Keck from TV Guide has a first look at Smallville 10x05 - Isis.

In the episode, Isis attempts to sacrifice Clark and use his body as a vessel to revive her mummified lover Osiris, while Daily Planet reporter Cat comes to suspect Lois is the Blur.

Read more about Isis and Abandoned at TV Guide HERE.

Jenna Busch at Moviefone Minute thinks Smallville is one TV show that should have its own movie. And you know what? I agree! Personally, if they could get Michael back as Lex, I'd be more excited for a Smallville movie than the Nolan/Snyder Superman project. Anything to see my boy Tom on the big screen!

Moviefone wants to know what shows you'd like to see get their own films. Click HERE to read more, and to leave your feedback.
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