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Hellcats: Interview with Allan Arkush!

Hellcats executive producer and director Allan Arkush talked to Brianna Soloski for Series.Nu. He offered some interesting insights into the audition process for the show.

There are some newcomers on Hellcats and two people who got their start on the Disney Channel. What made you choose Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale?
Ashley auditioned before Aly did. She was really committed to playing Savannah right from the start and was really able to become the character. Her experience in Disney’s High School Musical was really an advantage because she could act and dance at the same time. When Aly auditioned for Marti, we knew almost immediately that she was it. All of the actors went through multiple auditions and screen tests; they also had dance tests to make sure they could stand up to the cheering and stunts. When Matt Barr first auditioned, we didn’t see Dan at all, but the more he read for the role the more Dan came through. The actors became the characters and vice versa. The show is really becoming what it is through discovery.

Read the entire interview at Series.Nu HERE. Minor spoilers for one upcoming episode.
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